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This Gundam, known as the Heavy Arms, is most likely one of the most bad assed Gundams out there. Piloted by Trowa Barton, this Gundam is outfitted with a Beam Gattling on its left arm as its main weapon. It also has several others in its arsenal hidden from the eye. Once his Beam Gattling is out of ammo it falls off and two Army knives come out of the arms. He is also equiped with more guns under the chest plate and some Micro Missles.
Name Heavy Arms
Type Gundam Mobile Suit
Model XXXG-0H1
Pilot Trowa Barton
Base Weight 7.7 Tons
Height 16.7 Meters
Armor Gundanium Alloy
Weapons 2 Vulcans
2 Machine Cannons
Beam Gattling
12 Homing Missles
2 Gattling Guns
24 Micro Missles
Army Knife