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This is the Gundam piloted by Wufei Chang. It has dual dragons extending from the arms which are capable of taking out several Mobile Suits on its own. This Gundam can easily out maneuver any Mobile Suit that the Alliance, OZ, or the White Fang throw at him. This Gundam is an upgrade of the original Gundam that Wufei piloted, known as the Shenlong (Nataku), and is designed originally to be used in an operation called Meteor. Operation Meteor was started by several space colonies. The colonies were sending Gundams to Earth to slaughter the Earth Sphere Alliance and OZ.
Name Altron (Nataku)
Type Gundam Mobile Suite
Model XXXG-012S
Pilot Wufei Chang
Base Weight 7.5 Tons
Height 16.4 Meters
Armor Gundanium
Weapons Twin Beam Trident
2 Vulcan Gun
2 beam cannon
2 Dragons
2 Flame Thrower