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This is the Tallgeese. Piloted by Zechs Merquies, a highly skilled OZ pilot, he fight Heero Yuy in this giant Mobile Suit. This is not a Gundam (Meaning not made of Gundanium Alloy) but it is just as strong as a gundam and almost completly matches the abilities of heero's Wing Gundam. The mobile suits main weapon is teh Dober Rifle (also used by the Leo and I think the Aries) This is more advanced than any Mobile Suit created yet was like 30 before any Mobile Suit used. The Tallgeese was originally designed as a kamakaze Mobile Suit and had a very rough engine on it making it very hard to aim and most likely made you sick due to the air turbulance. This Mobile Suit's engine is replaced with a smoother running engine making it more menuverable than any Mobiel Suit out there and just as menuverably as a Gundam. Zechs Later Destroyes this Mobile Suit while boarding the Wing Gundam Zero
Name Tallgeese
Type Mobile Suit
Model OZ-00MS
Pilot Zechs Marquies
Base Weight 8.8 Tons
Height 17.4 Meters
Armor Titanium Alloy
Weapons Dober Gun
2 Beam Sabers