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D-Chan's Gundam Wing Shrine

D-Chan's Gundam Wing Page... A Page For All G-Wing Fans!
I'll be here...
I'll be 'waiting'... here...
For what?
I'll be waiting... for you so...
If you come here...
You'll find me...
I promise.
Quote from SquareSoft's Final Fantasy VIII

Ok. Ok. I know that this website isn't the greatest right now but hey... I'm working on it! There's not many pics and they are not going to go flying up anytime soon cuz I figured out how to do the links. I'm trying to get some pics so if you find any good ones then please send it to me. The e-mail address link is at the bottom of the page as you can see. Anyways I'm asking for any Gundam Wing fanfiction. If you have some you want for the world to read then e-mail it to me. I'll try to put it up ASAP! Oh and that means that I'll read it and if it shows that it is somewhat about Gundam Wing then I'll put it up. (No that doesn't mean that Crossovers are not allowed)
Please GUNDAM WING ONLY! Not Gundam 0079 or 0083 or any of that.

PS: Make sure you refresh this page everytime you come here to make sure you have the latest updates.

G-Wing Fanficion

Here's a link to MY Links

Group Pics
Heero Pics
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G-Wing Serires Summary

Endless Waltz Summary

I got my Endless Waltz Summary up but it's not finish so you can go on and read what I got for right now. And hopefully I can get rid of those 'None up at the moments' they're really bugging me.

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