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Name: Gackt MS Camui
Age: 468
Birthday: July 4th, 1540
Birthplace: Okinawa
Hometown: Kyoto (He said France, once)
Currently Living: Tokyo
Height: 180cm
Weight: 60 kg.
Blood Type: A
Chest: 98cm
Waist: 68cm
Hips: 88cm
Shoe Size: 8
Ring Size: 10-14
Dislikes (food): Sweets
Likes (food): Tea, Spaghetti, Kimchi(Korean), Egg salad(Italian salad)
Dislikes (animal): Cockroaches
Likes (animal): Cats & Dogs
Favourite Colours: Black & White
Favourite Cartoonist: Yoshida Akimi
Favourite Songs: Stair way to heaven by Led Zepplin, Beauty & Harmony by Yoshida Miwa
Favourite Singers: Yoshida Miwa (Dreams Come True), Crystal King
Favourite Movies: Braveheart, Primal Fear, The Game, City of Angels
Favourite Stars: Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, John Travolta, Brat Pitt, Nicholas Cage
Favourite Things: Scents(candles), and skeletons...
Hobbies: Driving, Dating, Martial arts
Special Abilities: Skiing, Billiard, Boxing, Karate, Judo
Fragrance (his scent?!): Platinum Egoiste (Chanel)
Real Family: He has an elder sister and a younger brother. Father is a trumpeter. Mother is a barber or hairdresser. His nephew got out school and is studying English and Chinese.
Family: You, Ren, Masa, Cachamaru, Toshi, Igao. Image of them (to Gackt): You = big and deep like the ocean, Ren = alien, Masa = the selected person, Chachamaru = pupu, Toshi = Cool!, Igao = unknown person

Gackt M.S. Camui (ガクト, but most often written in English, even in Japan, pronounced "ga-ku-to") is a song writer, vocalist, and multi-talented instrumentalist -- (trumpet, tuba, horn, trombone, piano, guitar, drum, bass), all other standard orchestral instruments, and most traditional Japanese instruments -- as well as a beloved celebrity amongst females, both in Japan and the international Jpop fan community. Gackt claims to be a Norwegian Vampire. He was also vocalist of Cains:Feel and Malice Mizer.

Gackt can speak Japanesse, English, France, Mandarin , and Korean.


About Gackt's Life

Early life

Camui does not release his birth date, maintaining a biography fit for a member of Malice Mizer. His given birthdate is July 4, 1540 , but some sources say that he was born July 4, 1973 . He has never revealed his real name, and various rumors about what it might be (Okabe Satoru/ Manabu Satoru?) are pure conjecture.

Born in Okinawa, Japan, he was raised by unusually strict parents who regulated his life. His television viewing was restricted to national or educational programming. At age seven, Gackt nearly drowned in the Sea of Okinawa. After being saved, he claimed to be able to see things that normal people couldn't and was then sent into isolation in a mental hospital.

Gackt was a very competitive person, saying, "It's not that I want to win, it's just that I don't want to lose." As a child, he had always wanted to be better than anyone else and continues to learn new skills and practice existing skills to become better. He was also very ambitious as well he is now.

His interest in music was a rough one; his parents, both musicians, forced him to learn the piano when he was three. He was too small to actually play, but he had to sit in front of the piano for two hours. Later, his competitive nature made him master the piano after seeing his friend play better than him. Then, Gackt's interest changed to brass instruments after seeing his father play trumpet. Again, his competitive nature resulted in non-stop practice and mastery of several instruments of the brass category, but it all ended when his parents worried it would damage his teeth and forbade him to play. This prompted him to consider becoming a music conductor.

When Gackt turned 17, his music life changed when his mother told him that she regretted forcing him to learn piano. Then he changed his tastes in music from classical to rock (after becoming very interested in it because he had never heard it in his childhood) and moved him to learn band instruments.

Early Career

Gackt started as a drum technician for a recording studio and drummer for an unknown band. Later on, he met lifelong friends and fellow performers Ren and You and formed a band, Cains:Feel, with Gackt as the vocalist, although he felt his deep voice wasn't suited for the trend at the time.

Days with Malice Mizer

Gackt's popularity began to rise after joining the visual kei band Malice Mizer on October 1995 as their new vocalist. His contributions to the band led it in a new stylistic direction, bringing a soft romantic touch to their music as well as their appearance. During Gackt's time with the band Malice Mizer met its greatest popularity, releasing two albums (Voyage ~sans retour~ on Mana's Midi:Nette label and their first and only major release, Merveilles on Nippon Columbia) as well as a number of singles.

Gackt left in 1998 after the end of the "Merveilles" Tour (one of my Fave concert of MM). He has variously cited personal, artistic, and financial differences as reasons for leaving. Also, in his autobiography, Gackt said that he was asked by Malice Mizer to leave, although he wished to stay.


Solo career

GacktJOBAfter leaving Malice Mizer, Gackt started a solo career with a group of people called GacktJOB, consisting of several members including You (violin / rhythm guitar), Yukihiro Chachamaru Fujimura (lead guitar/effects), Masa (rhythm guitar), Ren (bass), Toshi (drums), Yosh (choreographer/dancer), and Igao (keyboards) (and much later Ryuichi Ryu Nishida on drums, and Ju-ken on bass). His live shows often include homoerotic play with these members. His solo career has been a great success as he continues to maintain a level of popularity far greater than when he was still with Malice Mizer. His fans (whom he calls "dears") span several countries.

In addition to music, Gackt has been involved as an actor in various TV commercials, the Japanese drama Hero's Hero, and co-writing and co-starring in the movie Moon Child with Hyde, vocalist of L'Arc~en~Ciel (moonchild is one of my Fave movie)

He has also written a book, Moonchild: Requiem, and several as-yet unpublished short stories, worked as a runway model for his favorite designer, Yoshiyuki Konishi, designed his own stage-wear and clothing line, and opened his own private, members only restaurant/bar, Tamaly Bar, complete with his own personal and family recipies.

BujingaiGackt was also involved in the PlayStation 2 game Bujingai, where he performed voice work as well as doing motion capture for the game's protagonist. Other voice-over work Gackt has done includes the character 'Seiji' from the anime New Fist of the North Star (Shin Hokuto no Ken). He also performed the ending theme (Tsuki no Uta) for the anime Texhnolyze.

new Takano Yuri the year 2005, he performed new Takano yuri beauty Clinic with Ryoko Yoneruka.



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