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The Best Gundam RPG...EVER!!!! is a fansite, I did not create Mobile Suit Gundam, any of the gundam seriesor RPG's. Infact I have nothing to do with Sotsu Agency or Sunrise Inc. Productions. Some of the information is not intended for children under age 13, this may cause offense to others. I am not to be held accountable for the childrens mistakes.

I did not create this series of Anime, I did infact take a lot of time to work on my web site to let other people have fun with the Gundam serieses and to keep it alive. When going through my web site please remember this site is for your benefit. Please remember that if i have taken information from your web site or your layout for your website that it is purely accident. For those of who would like to use some of the sections of this web site, please ask and you will be granted permission.

This site was created 5/6/01