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Here are the many bases of the gundam universe...atlease the ones that are in this rpg.


Earth Federation

White Base (A.K.A. Trojan Horse): Standard armament / 2 x 580mm main cannon x 1, 2 x mega particle cannon x 2, 3 x missile launcher x 8, 2 x anti-air machine guns,

Carrying capacity / mobile suit x 6: Ez-8 Gundams x2, Hi-Nu Gundam



Gwazine Class: Standard armament / 2 x main cannon x 3 2 x secondary cannon x 10 155mm machine gun

Carrying capacity / mobile suit x 20: Zaku 2 x4, Gouf Custom x3, Dom x3


White Fang

Libra: Standard armament / large beam cannon x 1 anti-air beam cannons