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Here are the other things I forgot to mention.


These are the stat ups you will get when you when: Accuracy:500 Reflexes:500 Intelligence:250 Endurance:500 Hp:1,000 and $1000

And when you loose: Accuracy:250 Reflexes:250 Intelligence:100 Endurance:250 Hp:500

Declaring War ATLEAST TWO of these things must happen to declare war.

1. An enemy org. attacks and takes over your base.

2. An enemy org. attacks your allies base.

3. A spy sneaks in your base sabotages, steals, or destroys ANYTHING in your base.

Earining Ranks

10 wins gets you a rank up

5 completed missions get you a rank up

A tournament win gets you 2 ranks up.

A successful base raid gets you 2 ranks up.

Winning 5 handicap battles gets you a rank up.

Successfully defending your base earns you 2 ranks up.


You can make treaties with other organizations to become their ally or just to stop fighting each other. Each of the leaders of the 2 organizations must agree on how long the treaty is and what the terms of it are. ONLY ONE TREATY PER ORGANIZATION!