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FoxRazier’s Den




Well, look at you! You have just stumbled onto my little web site! Congrats my friend and here is the news.

Erf! Site last updated 10-8-02

Not that any of you care but here is the news since my last update. I created a link page; now all I need are some links to post! I got my new computer! Now I can update the site allot more! Down side is that I still have nothing to post!

I'm on my knees! I need something to post! I'm working on getting a scanner so I can post my "art", if it can even be called that.

I am working on two projects: The first is an online comic strip about furs! If you want to commission any plots for it, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do. The second is something triggered by current events... AN OPINION PAGE! I know it sounds stupid but it’s my page and I'll do what I want. Ok, so that’s not the reason but I am going to post it.

If anyone out there has anything they want me to post I'll do my best. Now that I'm done ranting, kinda, you are free to roam as you please, have fun. Thanks for seeing me!


DONT SEND ME A VIRUS! If you do I won’t be a happy fox! I'm always updating so keep checking it should get good! ^_^

e-mail me!!!^(^^)^

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