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The Dreamboat Page of Gundam Fiction

Thanks for visiting the Dreamboat!

I'm sadly reporting that the Dreamboat is sailing on as of November 3rd, 2001. This pet project of mine was a great release and a fabulous learning experience for me. Heero and Duo will remain to watch over this site until it is eventually taken down. A warm thank you goes out to all who read my work and put up with my sleep-deprived attempts at writing. I never thought I would actually have the tenacity to finish my epics, and I learned a lot in doing so. Thank you friends. I hope you enjoyed the Dreamboat and its short and sweet dock with Gundam Wing.

Codename: Heero Yuy.
Status: I have been adopted
by Anne Francis.
Mission: In return for her help,
I must protect Anne's website
Mission Accepted.

Adopted at Dragon Tears

Hey, Duo here.
I was adopted by Anne Francis
and even though I'm
all grown up,
the God of Death will still protect her site.
So don't go making me angry...

Adopted at Dragon Tears