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Deja's Flame
Deja's Flame
Deja's Flame
These are the characters that we play with when we game and yes I am a nerdy gamer, so there! (just for the record these were my first dolls, so that's why they're kinda crap. (not that my new dolls are any better but we're not getting into that right now.

The Characters

This is my main character, DejaVu Belen. She is a psychotic psion, who specializes in fire. She is a metamind/pyrokenetiscist, who is engaged to Cal and wonderfully fun to play! Consider her my angst self. This is my baby, Calidus Zetahn. He is a ranger, hopelessly devoted to the women in his family,and adorable! ^_^ He is such a cutie! Awww...

This is my breakdancing drow, Pooky. Technically evil, but for the most part she is just too busy getting her groove on to go around terrorizing nearby villages. My playful alter-ego, if you will.

This is my character Rae (lovin him! ^_~). He was originally brought in as an NPC Sailor. He is actually much hotter than he appears here as he just happens to the avatar of Chaos! This is Ellywick, a druid gnome/hot pink dragon. She is a very... perky sort- who just happens to be having an affair with the avatar of Chaos! She belongs to Becca.^_^

 This is Morwyn. Belonging to Becca, she is a rogue who prestiged into assassin. She is VERY popular with the boys! This is Saevus, another "Shay" character. Actually this is more of an adolescent version of him. He is very powerful, and very um... cocky. ^_^ Hehehe!

This is Icia, sorceress and favorite character of Shay. She likes bellydancing, casting spells, and wrapping idiot males around her little pinky. ^_~ This is the cleric of our party-the more than slightly homicidal, Diva. She belongs to Shay and she frequently prays for the utter destruction of the entire world!

Ok, this is Shay's Dragon Slayer, and, ironically considering the trouble I had, my best doll to date. Ropera sensing a dragon.(Feel the drama!)

This is Durgas, the fire elf god of love!-"So come to me my Buddhist freaks!"... He belongs to Travis. ^_^

Tis is my character Shandathra! SHe is an elven ranger/ravager. In case you were wondering yes she is evil too! Are we seeing a trend in our characters here? This is Morwyns death scene. She is plunging into the ocean. lovely isn

This is more recent Diva and I was playing around with an attempt to do crushed velvet.

This was my attempt to do a glowy doll. I liked her outfit and hair, but some people complained that her eyes were too freaky o_O

The non-glowy version.

This is my first attempt at making my couple into a doll. This is Deja and Calidus hanging out together.