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Deja's Flame
Deja's Flame
Deja's Flame
The Anime

Cowboy Bebop
This is Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. I kinda liked her hair.

Yu yu Hakusho
This is Genkai when she is older. This is her regular form. The younger Genkai. This is where she reverts to her strongest form and she gets really kick butt!
This is Genkai after a session with Yusuke! Hehehe! She is Spirit Gunning herself!

This is Hiei. Awww hims a cute lil homicidal fire demon! ^-^ *pinches his cheek*

 This is Kurama. Hes kinda interesting seeing as he transforms into a really old silver kitsune,Youko Kurama. He is a hotty!... Both of him! ^_^

Yusuke is the main character. Kinda cool cuz the entire story starts out when he gets himself kill o_O

Sailor Moon
This is Haruka, also know as Sailor Uranus in the series. A rather controversial characetr considering the fact that in the Japanese version she is gay. In the American version she seems gay and insestuous. o_O Stupid Dubbing! This is Michiru, or Sailor Neptune. She is a musician and she is Harukas partner.

This is my character in Sailor Moon. Minako also known as Sailor Venus, or Sailor V. She is kinda ditzy and vague, but very loyal. Just like me! ^_^

 This was me playing around. I wanted to do a doll of each of the scouts transforming and since I was toying with the idea when I found this I went ahead and made it. This one is Sailor Moon dancing around naked... O_O yeah...

This has got to be my favorite scout doll I have ever done so far. I pixel shaded her and I absolutely adore how she turned out. ^_^ This doll was not as good as my Mars dolls but I liked how she turnd out fairly well. This is Sailor Jupiter and I rather liked her lightening.

Um, Inuyasha and Kagome. His face is weird and stuff, but I liked the shading overall.

And now for a fun one! This is acute lil Inu/Kag doll that I really like, if only because of his expression. ^_^

This is Sango, the demon exterminator. I rather liked her boomerang. hm... yeah that is all I have to say about this doll.

Oro? This is the legendary manslayer, Kenshin Himura. His pink... it fascinates me! Hee! This is Kaoru Kamiya, kinda scary chica. I love how this one turned out, and I pixel shaded the flowers on it! Yay!

This is Ivy from Soul Calibur. Love her dominatrix style of fighting and her outfits always rock!

Whoo! This is Jareth and Sarah from Labyrinth! If you have never seen that movie then... *showers pity on you* This is Rogue from X-men Evolution. The newer mode, heh. anyways, I really like Rogue as a character, lots of potential for angst and all that. Probably my favorite X-Men couple. This is the original Rogue and Gambit. (Not that crap new Gambit>< Is anyone else disappointed by how he looks?)