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Please allow me to humbly present...

A Conversation the Scouts Would Never Have!

Lita: Do you guys ever wonder if there's more to life than fighting the Negaverse, or the next enemy that comes along?

Serena: You're absolutely right Lita! I've been thinking about that too! I realized that I need purpose to my life...

Rini: Huh?

Serena: I'm going to shave my head, sell all my worldly possessions, and join a small Amazon cult in Mozambique.

Darien: Hey! You can't do that! We have to rule the Earth together in the future!

Lita: That wasn't quite what I was-

Luna: Where did that come from Serena?

Mina: Good-bye, and good riddance.

Rei: You know Mina has a point Serena. You really aren't all that impressive.

Serena: *shocked gasp* How can you say that?

Mina: Why shouldn't I? Do I look like I want to live in your shadow forever? I was a super hero long before you came along, thank you very much. Hey can you melt this marshmallow Rei?

Rei: Sorry Mina… I had to put out the great fire when Chad stumbled into it when he got all tangled up in his guitar cords. We're not allowed to have fire around anymore because he's scared of open flames now, and grandpa needs the help too much.

Michiru: Hey what kind of guitar was it?

Haruka: You're a violinist, why do you care?

Michiru: I've decided to branch out into heavy metal. I'm going to join the band, Screaming Heterosexuals.

Haruka: WHAT?! But what about us? I mean-

Setsuna: Excuse me for interrupting since I'm sure this is all very deep and meaningful, but do you have the time? I lost my watch, and my yoga class is at 3:00.

Rei: I think it was a Fender, and it's 2:15.

Lita: Um guys, I wanted to tell you-

Setsuna: Oh thanks Rei.

Mina: Is yoga fun? I was thinking of going all environmentalistesque, like hippy or something, and I was wondering how well yoga would tie in with that.

Harkua: But you've always wanted to be a world famous violinist Michiru!

Setsuna: It's lots of fun. And some people enjoy doing yoga sky clad*. It's really healthy too!

Darien: What are you thinking? We've been together forever!

Serena: 2 yrs pal, and I was stupid to waste that much time on you. You know what Darien? You're a total skeeze!

Hotaru: Speaking of healthy, I've been reconsidering my desire to be a nurse, and well… I've collected enough lamps to open my own antique store. Do you believe that would be a viable method of profit Ami?

Michiru: Actually, Haruka, I've always wanted to be a world famous musician. And it just so happens that I'll make more money this way.

Mina: Well can you show me some yoga positions Setsuna?

Ami: Huh? I don't understand... What's going on?


Haruka: Fine then be that way Michelle! I'm just going to go drive myself off a cliff! No I'm going to become a racecar driver in spite of you!!! And I'm taking the car!

Ami: Are you going to do birthday parties Lita? Greg's is coming up soon, and if you're going to be traveling maybe you can look him up and give him a cake for his birthday for me.

Lita: How much are you willing to pay Ami?

Ami: Huh? I dunno… Whadaya want for it?

Michiru: I never said you couldn't become a racer, sheesh. Although you're too worried about your appearance to make a really good driver, but you can have the stupid car anyway.

Haruka: I am not too worried about my appearance!! And I don't want the stupid car! I'm gonna make my own, so there!

Artemis: While we're all on life goals, I want you guys to know that I've decided to work for Kitty Classics Cat Food Corp. My new agent was telling me that they've never had a real talking cat before and I'll be rich and famous. Besides they have a better dental plan.

Setsuna: Oh and this one is Pluto Rising Through Time. I made it up myself.

Mina: Wow, show me some more…

Lita: 50 bucks sound good Ami?

Rini: Hey what's happening to me?! I can't see my hands! *disappears as Serena no longer hooks up w/Darien*

Ami: Um… That sounds fair. K.

Luna: Wow, I guess since Rini doesn't exist any more that means you're really serious this time. Well in that case, Yaten asked me to marry him. So I want you to use the crystal to wish me back into a human before you leave, Serena.

Hotaru: But what about my lamps? Doesn't anybody care?

Haruka: OH MY GOD I BROKE A NAIL!!!!!!!

*Special Note: skyclad = nakie