This here is Aries's World.

A World of Art, a World of Stardust, a World of Smoke and Mirrors, a World of Shining Brilliance, a World of Candles and Cathedrals, a World of Forges and Swords, a World of Giant Squids, a World of Cheesecake...mmmm, Cheesecake...dat's the best part of Aries's World. But you can't have any of Aries's Cheesecake!! You'll just have to do with Aries's art, stories, likes, dislikes, and his Giant Squid. The Squid shall guide thee!!!

Also, Aries is just figgurin' out how to work this bloody thing. DO NOT MOCK ARIES!!! Aries provides thee with...corn! YOU WILL OBEEEEY ARIES...

UPDATE: Okay, Aries got his computer working, and Aries is starting to put up his scribbles again, so be happy. This is a major update today, got Chick Pick W/ Aries in, got most of the more recent art up, all that yummy goodness. Be happy.

*goes off grumbling.*

Oh, you can also bug Aries if the Squid isn't helping. AGH! I gotta bug Aries!!

Enjoy! Rummage! Be Happy!


...The Art of Aries
...The Stories of Aries
...The Saga of Aries!!
...The Custom Mobile Suits of Aries
...The Comic Brainchild of Aries: Kitsune Serenade!
...The OTHER Comic Brainchild of Aries: Chick Pick With Aries!
...The Strange Stuff Aries Has An Affinity For...An' Stuff...
...The Ways You Can Bug Aries!