Feel EVEN MORE of the power. Feel EVEN MORE of the glory. Feel the lack of a copyright on Aries's art!!

But, then, you figured Aries was a horrible liar, din'ja? Yeeeeees...

Guess what? Daaaaz'right, Aries's art is STILL copyrighted to Aries, even if that isn't Aries's real name. But it doesn't matter, so please don't use Aries's art without Aries's permission, darn ye! Goddangit!! Aries has had enough of you, so look at this here and look well: AGH! I gotta bug Aries!!


Aries still has that threat going that he will hunt all those who offend Aries in this right down and hurt you with a piece of produce shaped much like a banana. Keep that in mind as you enjoy the madness of Aries's art. Aries'll try to upload more later.

Or you could go back...

*goes back to doodling, sucking down a Diet Doctor Pepper...*

AriGunn ---- Yeees...it IS a play off Trigun. Well, heck, it IS practically Trigun. Even better, it's Aries as Vash! This is what happens when the co-star of that there pic, our very own Gunnslinger, calls Aries Vash, at least as far as comparison. Yeah, he kinda is like Wolfwood. Aries is more like Vash. So Aries decided to make him regret it. Done in pencil, 5/03.

Liahara Crow ---- Another denzin of the MS Pilot Bar, the vampire huntress Liahara Crow! Yeah, she asked Aries to do this for her, so Aries decided to be a nice guy, as usual...it actually took two days to get done at school...since...ah...Aries kinda forgot whether she wanted a shotgun or a sword. Yeeeah...she wanted a sword. And Aries is a knucklehead, since Aries forgot. But Aries finds this funny...Aries managed to do both a vampire hunter and a vampire in the same day, and Aries didn't realize it until just a second ago...Done in pencil, 5/03.

Nightwalker Paul ---- One of Aries's few friends outside of the 'net (Stop that sniggering!!), is his Portuguese-descent friend Paul Z., who's a good man, but a bit, shall we say, eccentric. He's in a number of live-action RP groups, one where he's a nobleman, and he's going to get in on another one, a Vampire one, which is what he wanted in this here. His uncle's in with it, even got the teeth to prove it! Paul wanted Aries to do something for him...so Aries had to oblige him! He's one of the few AGREEABLE Yu-Gi-Oh Duelists in school, after all...Done in pencil, 5/03.

Nightwalker Paul II ---- Eeek! It's that scary Nightwalker again! Yep...now he's back...WITH HIS OWN NEW ART SECTION!! Yeah, now he's here permanently!! Guess you gotta deal with 'im, eh? Done in pencil, 5/03.

Cygnus in Wonderbar ---- No, it's not another group photo. It's just Aries on opium. Difference!! In either case, can y'all spot who's who? Ehh, y'might not be able to, it IS a lil' too light...if it's a problem, Aries'll fix it. Ugh...Done in pencil, 9/03.

Deacon Aries's Sermon of DOOOOOOOOM!!! ---- Yes, Aries is an Episcopalian. Aries can get away with this. Done in pencil, ??/??.

Aries is Vash! ---- Aries hates his friend Cyg. Aries REALLY does. See, Aries is in the process of creating another MSPB Group Photo, but we're all meant to be dressed up as the anime character we most associate with. Of course, Aries associates himself with Vash the Stampede of Trigun! There was just one catch. Cyg wants to make this photo in COLOR. And Aries works in black and white! So she asked that Aries not do shading on the Second Group Photo, just lines. But Aries already did himself in the Vash costume! So what's to become of it?! Easy. It winds up on here solo! But the Second Group Photo is looking good so far! And Aries is Vash in that one, too, so it's all good! Done in pencil, 5/03.

Raz vs Aries! ---- Aries has a long-standing, somewhat open-ended rivalry going on with the resident Cannibal of the board, goes by the name of Raz. Raz has, well, tentacles, although he recently changed his appearance. Damn Raz. Well, here's Aries going up against him, with Maverick, Cyg, and Ellie in the background there. Aries is trying for more dynamic stuff now, especially since he's bored out of his skull now. Done in pencil, 6/03.

A Pair of Highlanders ---- Well, lookiee that...Aries's Da makes his first appearance on Aries's website, along with Aries himself...This, of course, is how we probably see each other, or at least Da sees us...he's more in touch with the Scottishism of our family than Aries is. So while Aries and he were watching The Lord Of The Dance (No kidding!), Aries scribbled this up for him. Done in pencil, 8/03.

Abduction! ---- They WOULD, too. Done in pencil, 9/03.

Aries is Neo! ---- Had enough of these yet? Well, Aries went on a Trigun overload, time for his Matrix grind...Done in pencil, 8/03.

Consulting Oscar ---- Aries did this God-Only-Knows-When, back in the day before he thought Aries's World possible...aaaaand as a result, Aries knows he's plagarizing some poor artist girl. If she ever comes across this, kudos to you, your idea was so good Aries had to steal it, don't sue Aries. Please? Aries'll give you cookieees...Done in pencil, ??/??.

Dread Pirate Aries! ---- Yarr, laddie! Y'didn' know? September 19th be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, Yarrr! Dread Pirate Aries was the one to bring it up at the bar, in fact, it got so popular, some of us mutinied and we're still pirates! Yarrr! Done in pencil, 9/03.

LOTR Group Photo ---- Okay, screw the Matrix grind, time to get in on the LOTR groove! Yep, this still needs a buttload of cleaning up, but Aries thinks it's fit for showcasing. The Fellowship of the Ring, chibi-style! Done in pencil, 9/03.

Boromir ---- Aries'll admit it, Aries doesn't usually get emotional during movies...but Aries thinks nobody could have remained completely detatched during this scene...Aries found it one of the most emotional in a long time, largely because Aries wants strength like that...Done in pencil, 9/03.

Leaves ---- Hmm, here we see our hero, now a Lance Corporal (that rank just SOUNDS cool, doesn't it?!) in the USMC (Semper Fi!), getting his first look at a pretty young lady who looks like she might mean something to him...by the way, if any of you lovely ladies happen to be her, please tell Aries. Done in pencil, 9/03.

Overdramatic ---- When Aries did this, Aries showed his father, and got back the words: Don Quixote. Oh well, Aries usually gets that. So Aries learns not to care. Done in pencil, 9/03.

Losing My Religion ---- That REM song ruled, doesn't it? Well, thing is, Aries always has an emotional moment when he hears it, largely due to Aries's ex-girlfriend. So Aries scribbled this up while listening to it, a kind of confrontation between the old and the new...and besides, Aries is seeing if he can't try out a new style with this. Aries might pick it back up if enough people tell Aries it looks good. Done in pencil, 10/03.

Kitsune Serenade Main Cast ---- Aries completely forgot about them, Aries is sad to say...but, lucky for y'all, Aries is gonna pick up with Kitsune Serenade again! Chee!! Again, Aries be trying out a new style compared to his usual one, tell Aries what y'all think!! Done in pencil, 10/03.