Aries surfs the net, just like any other nerdifical twit. So, of COURSE Aries is gonna latch onto a few websites in particular that're just yummy.

So here we go!

THE MS PILOT BAR ---- The Dreaded MS Pilot Bar! Yep, Aries knows you've heard about it, you've dreamed about it, and this is a pretty kickass sanctuary, if Aries does say so himself. Don't you want to hang out and waste your life with us?

THE AVAYA! ---- This is Aries's friend Cygnus's Avatar site. We use Avvies all the time on the bar, mostly customized ones, which you can get from here on special request. Besides, she whined at Aries until he said he'd affiliate with the site, so, here Aries is...

More Later On.