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Hey people!!! What up?? not much for me...i was just stopping by and thinking..."Geee my webpage sucks right now...stupid wench thingy. Well alot of things have happened again...i have revealed my new boyfriend to some...his name starts with a J...but thats all i'm gunna leak out the the public at this time..*gives J a big huge hug and a kiss..he knows who he is* God i hate winter...its all cold and crap. damnit all...*mutters about the cold and dank of shitty winter* at least its still warm enough for me to go on my nightly walks...otherwise i would be sitting at home all evening getting fat..fat like channy...*shudder violently at that thought ICKY GROSS BLAHBLAHBLAH!!!!!
Well this little...or maybe big portion of my page is going out to my rantings and what i think of amanda Ramchuck and her ability to piss me off in every direction here goes nothing.

Okay i guess i've ranted anough about channy for a little now its time to rant about somthing this chick i know from school..Mandy Ramchuck or somthing along those lines..not like i care...all i know her as is the stuck up whore bimbo wench that doesn't know how to LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay..well shes going around telling me shit that i challanged her to a fight or somthing dumb like that...before she came up to me that day...i had only seen her from a distance and didn't care about her exsistance anymore then i do now...annnnnnd i told her grandma's daughter or whatever that i wanted to kick her ass....i don't know her grandmas daughter...the onlt thing i know about her is that she gets on my bus to go to new norway and shes going out with a guy in my CALM class....THATS ALLL!!!!! damnit i'm just trying to make an attempt to graduate and i have wenches like her breathing down my neck about shit that i didn't even do. She insults me...she insults my well being....and my friends...and about everything else she knows about me and its realllllly starting to piss me off...the only reason that i don't do away with her is because shes 15 and i'm 18...thats just not my style...and i'm not violent anyways. Oh yeah and get this...apparently i chased her little brother and sister home in a car...well ya dumb little air can i do that WHEN I DON'T HAVE A CAR OR A LICENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. God why can't she just leave me alone to wallow in my pitiful exsistance in peace like everyone else. If she knew about me and my past and the way things work in my life...then maybe she would leave me alone...i'm clinically depressed...i cut myself...i've tried to kill myself many many many times...well...only 5 but thats besides the point...if she saw my life through my eyes...then she would understand why i don't buy expensive clothes and i don't like to wear make-up and do my hair...its just a waste of time and money. i want to tell her...."have you ever looked into your best friends eyes when her step-fathers hands are clenched around her throat...has she ever seen the pleading look of her best friend as she was taking her last breath..." i didn't think she should just shut the fuck up about shit she doesn't even know about....

Leave me alone Mandy....i hate you..and i admit just leave me alone...

but thats enough ranting for today...i have other parts of this website to finish Love you all with pride!!!

Kristen The Wonder Kitten =8-)

((NOTE to everyone i may have missed and why this page isn't so great yet...*looks to webmasters g-book entry* AHEM!!! its cause my page aint finished yet!!!!))

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