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FFXI MacroBot
(FFXI VokeBot + FishBot )

                macrobot package (macrobot+windower2.1)
                (bot only, you need to download Windower2.1)
                               -hold F12 to spam bot
                                -right click the green 'H' for options

                0) in ffxi set your "alt+1" macro to something you would tap really fast...
                    example.   /targetnpc
                                    /ja Provoke <t>
                                    /attack on

                    now exit ffxi
                1) download both of these files. save and extract them both in a convenient place
                2) open playonline
                3) open windower
                4) log into ffxi and sign onto your character
                5) position your character in a way that you will be able to target everything within the mob's spawn area
                6) press "alt+esc" and open "macrobot.exe"
                7) enter a desired amount of time to switch over to ffxi (i recommend 3 seconds [3000])
                8) the bot will begin once you press 'yes', so be prepared to switch over

                -if you target something you don't want (ie. harvesting point) reposition your cam or character and right click
                -to turn off the bot "alt+esc" out of ffxi and right click the green "H", then click "pause script", unpause to start it back up
                -refrain from pressing the "up" or "down" keys, they will change your macro set, i recommend you to pause the bot then reposition your cam


disclaimer: i do not take any responsibility for any of your actions what so ever. no guarantees of whither or not this will work. i take no responsibility
for any mishaps or destruction to your computer or ffxi account.