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Poetry Page

Back to my Paradise

Finally an entry!!!! Here it is....I think it is a awesome poem...anyways enough of my it is...
Author: Lianna
"Artifical Rain"

The rain I feel upon my cheek
Are my own salty trails of tears
My sorrow is filled in the crystal-like depths
Of my honey eyes
Ever so often, the terror of the rain
Over-spilling, overflowing appears
And the sobs break past my swollen lips
The choking wails shake me with a force
That shows I've lost everything
My wall of defenses is down, torn down by
Guilt, anger, revenge, love, lust
A mistake I've made
I've replaced the knowlegdable thoughts of my mind
With those dimwitted and slowed down thoughts of a loser
The miserable silence is broken with the
The heartbroken sobs that fill the air
Making it hard to breathe
The rain cascades, slowly pouring
Slowly, slowly showing my miserable self
What I could of been, showing myself
My reflection of the sorrowful idiot I was
Angrily, I wipe the salty trails away from my
Puffy, swollen, red face
Artifical rain isn't even good enough for you

My Poems
"My Soul"

my soul
where is it
is it deep in the sands of doom
or is it high above in the clouds in the sky
I really don't know
I wish I did
people tell it is somewhere close to my heart
some say that is everywhere
but what is everywhere?
I'm very confused
I don't know what to do
I try to ponder these thoughts,
but my mind just rots
I search, I search, I search
I find nothing...

Here is a haiku that I wrote for a school assignment

Poor little me Everyone ignores me How can this be so?

"No Name"

As I look into the bay
I feel nothing
As I ponder thoughts of everyday life,
I feel left behind
While the world passes me by
I wonder, what's going on?
Erin's not the friend I thought she would be
I just wish these people would see me here
I wonder how I can carry on with all my might
But these people don't notice me
I wish I could have someone to talk to
Oh dear
How can this be
While I try to be me
people just rip my heart out
the reason I'm treated this way is because of the way I am?
God bless me no
I hope it is not so
Why is this happening to me.....I don't know