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School is boring, maybe I'm just too smart


This is the first update in however many years, three I think, and I've had a lot go through my head in that time. I'm going to spend some time trying to make this look a lot better as I progress in my web making skillz. I also have a lot of time on my hands because this town blows and there isn't much to do here and we all know I don't study.




I think I got this picture off of Relient K's website



People of the Week

Anyone in STOMP



Dan's addition to this world (the baby). His name is Wyatt. You're welcome (I first mentioned the name).


Quote of the Week

"Brad Rath"

                                                             - Me trying to say "bad math"



Word of the Week


1. The act or process of studying.

2. The pursuit of knowledge, as by reading, observation, or research



Drugs are good.


Fact of the Week

Biblical engineers carved Hezekiah's 1800 foot tunnel with a slightly downhill slope for water delivery. The height difference from end to end is only about 12 inches.



I don't know what's on this site, I just like the link.



Jams of the Week

Eve 6 - Anytime

Funeral for a Friend - 10.45 Amsterdam Conversation

Lil' Kim - Kitty Box

Tech N9ne - The Beast



That is my boy Shane Bonifay.


Question of the Week

How come I can't go a day without making a drug reference?




So there we are sitting in the Chester Fritz Auditorium waiting for STOMP to start their thing. I've been waiting for this day for about a month and a half and lately whatever I've been looking forward to was a serious letdown. The show was a little late to start which was completely ok because apparently people show up at 7:30 to a show that is suppose to start at 7:30. Who ever thought going early would be a good thing? Anyway, so there we are. Then the first guy comes out and is sweeping. Then he's joined by another, then another, then another. Then the show just got amazing. After the first "skit" I just looked at Holly and couldn't say anything. She leaned in because she thought I was going to say anything but the only thing that was running through my mind was "I love this." I didn't want it to end. It was funny, pulse-pounding, everything I hoped it would have been and much more. I'm not going to mention how much the tickets were but it was definitely worth every penny. Easily the best thing I have ever paid to see in my life. I'm just glad I was blessed to be able to pay for the tickets and also that I saw the sign and was here to see them.


Gas Prices

I don't have to say this more than once but seriously people, cut it out with the whole gas thing. Luckily I haven't heard it lately but we aren't at war because of oil. There isn't a person in their right mind that can't tell me that the world is a better place with Saddam out of power. Also, there isn't a person in this world that should think Saddam was a good boy and just listened to the UN and got rid of his weapons. Just because we didn't find them doesn't mean they aren't in Iran or hidden elsewhere. Furthermore, I don't know if most people forgot the fact that almost 3,000 American citizens were killed four short years ago by terrorists. Iraq may have not been directly involved, but Saddam's regime was a perfect example of a terrorist cell. If the point of a terrorist group is to "instill fear" then they did that to a T (wherever that saying came from). They ran the country based on the fear that if you said anything wrong you would be killed. Saddam brags about being elected by 100% of the votes but well he forgets to tell you that no one can run against him and thus no one else can receive votes. Even if someone could, they would be killed for doing so. Honestly, I hate paying so much in gas but in reality I would rather pay any amount or walk or do whatever if I could take away the suffering that not only this country has had to go through but the rest of the world as well.



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If you have any requests as to what you would like to see or something that you didn't like seeing, you know my email address for a reason.



Never forget the real reason we are at war - it's not for the oil people. I would pay $30 a gallon if I could take this day back.