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My favorite Places On Earth

I am Bria.
Briana- "Imma bitch. Very openminded and outspoken. I love fashion and like to hang out with friends. My favorite things in life are nature based. The sunset, sunrise, morning dew, night, sky...."
Nikki- " bria is one of the nicest person alive and cares for all liveing and non liveing things she is beautiful in every way possiable and is down to earth person mature and responsiale and not greedy. and she has a great personality and is soo creative and nice i belive that she is nothing less ! but more every day getting prettier and prettier!"
Jess- " aww ur so nice even when u been hurt so bad that is wat i luv about u bria!!"
Amber- "i think briana lynn laurelle is the most loving, caring, beautifulest person in the world . . if you dont like her , @#$% you! hehe me and bria are like sisters and noone can ever tear us apart . . i love you bria! 13333"