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"Calls of the wild for hunting, photography and wildlife viewing."

Welcome to Predator Magnet Game Calls


I live in Southern California where predator calling and the use of mouth calls to call predators and other game animals is not frequently practiced. To the average Californian, the whole mouth calling and howling for predators and game animals concept is totally unheard of. Hey Dude, it's California, land of swimming pools and movie stars.


Howling for Coyotes and blowing mouth calls to attract predators and game animals is therefore left to us suburban redneck types that love the desert and remote areas of California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona.


Whenever I am in social situations, the conversation eventually works its way around to leisure time interests and here is where my slightly twisted sense of humor kicks in. I frequently hear all about somebody's new boat, his or her golf game or their last driving tour through California wine country. When I excitedly mention that I am totally hooked on Predator calling and game calling, their heads involuntarily shake and tilt from side to side much like a dog that has heard a sound he never experienced before. They eventually snap out of their momentary trance and follow up with, "So you can talk to the animals?" Still grinning from ear to ear, I respond with, "Sure." At that point, the person I was speaking with usually takes a step backwards and looks around to see if anybody else at the party heard my remarks. A definite uneasiness comes over them and I feel compelled to clarify my statement.


Trying to contain my enthusiasm, I follow up with, "Well, I don't actually talk to the animals, I make noises like dying rabbits or other unfortunate prey being eaten alive by predators." It becomes immediately obvious to me that this clarification did not help the conversation much. It was more akin to squirting gasoline on a fire. Just about that time, the typical Southern California party guest makes an excuse to depart my company so that they may find their spouse, use the bathroom, refresh their drink, rush to a late night yoga class or seek the Holy Grail somewhere in Tibet. In short, it's exit stage right.


OK, I admit it, predator calling and wild game calling is not for everybody. But if this topic is of interest to you, then you are in the right place. I frequently meet newcomers to the sport of predator hunting and they are hungry for a source of general knowledge. It is my intention to make this site a source for hunting and game calling information as well as a place where tools for successful calling may be purchased.


Even if you are not a hunter, learning the art of predator calling and game calling can be a very rewarding experience. A wide variety of wild animals and birds coming in to a call can be of great benefit to photographers, nature lovers, hikers and biologists. It adds a whole new perspective to enjoying the great outdoors. All a person has to do is find a suitable area, hunker down and call.


Below is Red's California style 1981 Jeep Cherokee hunt rig.

Features:  Dedicated power supply for MP3 & CD electronic calling systems, electronic amplifier for mouth calling, under rig speakers front & rear, roof hatch with all-around rifle rest for Nevada & Arizona hunting.  Rigged for PMGC Ultimate Hunting Light, auxillary fuel tanks, Mopar fuel injected and fitted with a Skyjacker 4" lift.  This dog can hunt.  


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