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The Boltman
The Boltman
Here are a few samples of my bolt work. The cost is $57.00 for Mosin Nagant bolts using my bolt body. (presently out of stock) I can however modify your bolt for $50.00. The cost for modifying a Mauser bolt is $40.00. Additional body parts polishing is $5.00 on any bolt. My bolt handles are welded onto the bolt body unlike the Ebay versions which are threaded and Loc-Tite used to hold it from turning. I know this because I have fixed enough of them. You can contact me at or call me at 508-757-5989 Please visit the websites listed below for more information on the Mosin Nagant rifle and other great Gun Forums
Mauser Tactical Bolt Handle 
This bolt was custom ordered by the owner for his Mauser. The knob was supplied by the customer.
Stock Refinishing
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Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts
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CBRPS Stock Sets
CBRPS Stock Sets

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