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BanGin_Sh0rtii ...:::Da...Basic...Shyt:::... N.a.m.e J * * * * * A.g.e 18 R.e.p.p.i.n Sumter,Sc P.r.i.d.e Beautiful Puerto Rico S.t.a.t.u.z UmMmM ..... dunno! P.r.e.f.e.r.e.n.c.e I aint picky..;) E.d.u.c.a.t.i.o.n T.h.i.n.g.y Gettin it as a SENIOR in H.S G.r.a.d.u.a.t.i.n.g c/o 2004!!!!
...:::Dis..Da..Shyt:::... :..My Moms Cookin..: :..Fresh Kicks..: :..Perfumes..: :..Puerto Rico..: :..Sprite..: :..Jokes..: :..Good Books..: :..MONEY..: :..Music..: :..Being Spontaneous..: :..Long Showers..: :..Kids..: :..Piercings..: :..Tattoos..: :..Animals..: :..McDonalds..:
...:::Wut..Da..Fucc..Iz..Dis..Shyt:::.. :..Ignorance..: :..Stupid Questions..: :..Insects..: :..Gold Teeth..: :..Songs Bout Rims..: :..Obnoxious PPL..: :..Dr. Pepper..: :..Clownz..: :..Hoes..: :..No Sense of Humor..: :..Gold Diggers..: :..My G.Mothers Cookin..: :..Followers..: :..Pimps..: :..Smuts..:
...:::My..Peoples:::... ...Christina... ...Pablo... ...Danny... ....Ramon... ...Sham... ...Angel... ...Sabir... ...Lacrisha... ...Arielle... ...Jackie... ...Jaqueline... ...Shahid... ...Edwin... ...Furby... ...Victorio... ..::If..I..Forgot..Anyone..Sorry!::..
..:::Shyt..I..Felt..Like..Sayin:::... If yo dumba$$ gets offended easily then dont read on.. Let me start by saying that i am one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, I am lovin and caring and can be the one person there when other leave yo a$$ down. I keep shyt real wit everyone around me especially myself. I am very forward and I usually dont hold anything back that I have to say to ANYONE..You could be the Pope and I would most likely speak my mind freely. Im not disrespectful towards anyone, but not everyone gets my respect. Think about that one for a Im one of the most sarcastic people out there, and truth be told I can probably make the most boring situations fun, I like to keep myself happy at all times but theres alot of muthfuccaz that like to stand in my way..thats when and how people get Im an outgoing person, I have alot of goals for my future and they DONT include gettin pregnant by the age of 19 or sellin my azz for some money. I can be ya best friend or ya worst enemy in a matter or seconds, depending on how you treat me. Luckily for me i DONT have that many enemies, but i DONT trust anyone completely. I could careless if ya dirty azz wants to send me a note talkin mess of shyt about, because this is juss the internet, if you really have the time to sit at your computer and "Hate" on other people on Blackplanet, Then you seriously need to get a life, you are a pathetic loser that will NEVER amount to ANYTHING..oh now this is something i HAVE to say..TO all the desperate fuccz on blackplanet lookin for some Internet Azz. This is not the page to come lookin for some. DONT write me any notes talkin bout...How good you can lick me, or how fast you can make me CUM..Cmon ni99a thats juss wrong atleast have some respect for ya self and for ME as a woman. Find one of them tricks that be on blackplanet that are willin to entice ya sexual internet fantasies. Shyt I can even give you some names you can see. But please if you are going to send me ANY note, have the respect to talk to me as a person NOT as the next best thing comni out of PlayBoy. And if you dont then im going to have to take draztik As you can probably see im NOT ya average 18 year old. Im very mature so D ONT talk to me like Im an idiot...Hey what can i sayim juss that good i aight well that about it 4 now ... so GET OUT
..::Random..Facts..About..BanGin_Sh0rtii::.. |x|.Lovs Chicken.|x| |x|.Could eat McDonalds everyday.|x| |x|.Has over 200 diff. Lipglosses.|x| |x|.Loves Hats.|x| |x|.Loves Talkin on the PHONE.|x| |x|Cant Concentrate w/o music.|x| |x|.Buys 2 much Underwear.LMAO.|x| |x|.Likes Tryin new Things.|x| |x|.Can be Evil at Times.|x|