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Wednesday, 19 October 2005
Movement Complete
Okay, I lied. It's not entirely complete, considering I've only updated about 1/6 of my old entries. However, I've moved here. Check it out now or I'll sic Saya on you.

Image hosted by

Posted by TL-chan at 4:42 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 11 October 2005
Upcoming Movement
Topic: Management
This may take some time, but I'm working on moving to animeblogger. Angelfire just isn't working for me anymore.

Posted by TL-chan at 8:10 PM EDT
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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's 02
Topic: Nanoha

As the battle continues, Fate, Yuuno and Arf fight against Viita, now aided with her dog familiar Zafira and the sword wielding Signum. Nanoha’s allies don’t stand a chance now. The Raging Heart convinces Nanoha to use a Starlight Breaker, even though it’s low on power. Unfortunately, Shamal sticks her arm through Nanoha, needing the energy for her book of darkness. Nanoha is able to use her attack but then collapses. After Shamal, Viita, Signum and Zafira teleport away, Yuuno and Fate try to heal Nanoha. Chrono and Amy get this on screen and Chrono freaks out upon seeing the book of darkness.

Again I’m impresses with an episode entirely based on action. The new characters are darned cool though, so it was interesting to see what they can do. I wonder how Nanoha and Fate will stand a chance against these people. I’d still also really like to know how Hayate plays into all this. Next week will be a non-action packed episode apparently. Time to put my lousy Japanese skills to the test again.

Posted by TL-chan at 4:43 PM EDT
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Happy Seven 02
Topic: Happy Seven
Note: All name spellings are guesses that are probably wrong

Amano is crushing on Kikunosuke hard. Some of the Happy Seven (namely Tomo and Fujika) are less then happy about this. Her crush is causing bigger problems too. When the bad guys find out about, they decide to take advantage of the fact by summoning monsters that transform into Kikunosuke. Luckilly, the Happy Seven sense this and head out to save Amano. Meanwhile, the real Kikunosuke is being scolded by a teacher, but he makes it out in time to join the battle too, which ends in victory.

Yes! Amano is an idiot but a loveable one. I’m still in love with the cuteness here so I’m still going to continue to watch and blog. I don’t plan to analyze it though. It’s not like this is a serious show. I really like some of the Happy Sevens powers. The two loli twins become incredibly kick butt, a great opposite from how they normally are. Also the girl with the fishing rod is cool. I hope to catch her name at some point, simply because I love her weapon. As expected, we get some stock transformation footage this week. I hope they get rid of that soon.

Posted by TL-chan at 2:54 PM EDT
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Sunday, 9 October 2005
Black Cat 01
Topic: Black Cat

A mercenary named Train is sent out to kill a corrupt governor named Lib Tyrant (with a name like that, no wonder he’s bad.) There’s also a Sweeper named Sven who bears special powers. With one of his eyes, he can see into the future. He predicts the death of Lib and plans to protect him because he feels that nobody deserves to die. The problem is, he doesn’t see how anybody can get into a place with so much security. Train does manage to get in though, and Sven is too late. They later have a confrontation, and during this moment, Sven notices the roman numerals XIII carved into Train’s neck. He goes to get information on Train and learns that he’s never failed to kill any of his victims. Meanwhile, Train remembers a moment in his past involving a bloody massacre. After his parents died, he wound up shooting a whole bunch of people. He then watches a young girl sing.

This is quite impressive. The characters seem to be interesting, though I can’t get over how stupid Train’s name is. I love the character designs and the animation is nice as well, which is to be expected from studio Gonzo. I’d like to learn more about that blond haired girl which showed up briefly. She seems to be a different person from the blond girl in the previews. Also, I’m wondering how Train’s parents died. Seeing how psychotic he was at the moment, I’m wondering if he was the one to kill them. I can’t expect to know everything from just the first episode though, so I guess I’ve got to wait a week. Until then, I think I’ll rip the OP and listen to it repetitively, because it’s addicting.

Posted by TL-chan at 6:11 PM EDT
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Friday, 7 October 2005
My-Otome 01
Topic: My-Otome

Okay, first thing’s first. Is the title of this show My-Otome or Mai-ZHiME?

The series begins with an injured woman taking her child to safety by sending her in a basket into the water. Unless proven otherwise, I’ll say that this child was Arika, the new protagonist. Fourteen years later, Arika is seen wandering in a desert area. After the OP, she arrives in a city. As she attempts to get herself an ice cream soda, she causes a scene but winds up meeting with a new friend, an Otome named Nina. Her father, Sergei, looks almost identical to Tate. Arika and Nina next meet up with Mashiro, who they save after she jumps off a building to get away from a couple men. However, there are still people after her including a giant robot. Mashiro kisses Nina’s earing, activating her Otome powers. Arika winds up helping fight as well by stealing Nina’s weapons, but they can’t win yet, even with the help of Aika’s mysterious powers of flight. Luckily, the three are saved by Natsuki, Shizuru and Akane. After this event, Arika wants to be an Otome now.

Forgive the lame summary. It’s Friday and I’ve got big plans for this weekend. Boy does it feel great to watch Mai HiME again after I get home from school on Fridays. Even though this isn’t exactly Mai HiME, it’s pretty darned close. The Otomes are similar to their HiME counterparts, except for Mikoto who’s a cat. I’m not too pleased about this, since Mikoto was my favorite character in the original. Besides this flaw, I’m loving My-Otome already. The two new characters seem like they’ll be fun. It’s also nice to see Mashiro with more of a personality. She was somewhat boring in the original. I like the opening theme of this season, though not nearly as much as the first. It’s quite spoiler-ish though, as it shows two characters that are almost obviously Mai and Miyu. The ending theme isn’t too impressive. The songs sort of cute but the visuals are bland.

Posted by TL-chan at 3:08 PM EDT
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Thursday, 6 October 2005
To Heart 2 01
Topic: To Heart

To Heart 2 seems to resemble the original To Heart much more then Remember My Memories. That being said, the story line isn’t particularly involved, so there really isn’t much to write about it. If you want details, visit Bluemist's blog. He’s basically the authority on To Heart in the blogsphere, having actually played the games (and blogging mass amounts of data on them.) Anyway, I’m finding this cute so far. I’ll continue watching, but I’m not sure if I’m going to blog it. I’m definitely liking Konomi. She’s adorable, kinda reminds me of Misuzu from Air. Her relationship with Takaki is also intriguing. At the moment, they seem closer to siblings then lovers, but I’m sure that will change as the series progresses. Another character who I must mention is Konomi’s big dog, Genjimaru(?). I happen to love balls of fluff that are supposed to be dogs. He’s no Potato, but I definitely wanna hug him. As for the series music, I like both songs so far. Also, there’s an actual ED animation. It happens to suck, but the original To Heart never had one and Remember My Memories didn’t get one until episode 10 or so (which is pretty pathetic, since there was only 13 eps.) I’m gonna miss Rio. See, even though she’s not even in this series, I still haven’t shut up about her lack of appearances.

Posted by TL-chan at 4:05 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 5 October 2005
Jigoku Shoujo 01
Topic: Jigoku Shojou

Hashimoto Mayumi is a high school girl who’s mercilessly tortured by another girl (not exactly sure, but I think her name’s Kurota.) Mayumi can’t take this any longer and deicdes to enter her name onto a special website, called Jigoku Tsushin. After posting a grudge, the Jigoku shoujo will supposedly show up and drag the person to the underworld. Eventually, Mayumi is pushed to do it. The trouble isn’t over yet though as Kurota tricks her into getting with an older man, long enough for her to take a picture for blackmail. Mayumi is horrified and jumps off a building. However, she’s saved by the Jigoku shoujo, who transports Mayumi away and gives her a voodoo doll of sorts. Jigoku shoujo also reveals herself as Enma Ai. Mayumi is then returned safely to the ground. Back in the real world though, her problems continue. Her sensei has now seen the photo. Mayumi again goes to a building top, but this time accidentally lets go of the doll, which blows away. At this point, Ai heads out to complete her duty. Kurota is haunted by many things and then eventually meets Ai herself. She then appears in a boat, passing by candles and headed toward hell. Back on Earth, Mayumi now bears a strange marking.

I really liked this first episode. This was a pleasant surprise, because though the plot looked intriguing, I wondered if I could really enjoy a series with so dark a concept. This bears similarities to Death Note, which I never read much of due to my morals interfering. In this particular series though, unlike Light, Mayumi didn’t kill merely because of boredom. She was even reluctant to hurt Kurota. She was a girl who was greatly suffering. It really interested me to see what pressure could do to her. Though in the end, it was by chance that she let go of the doll I was still left wondering if that event was fated as soon as she clicked the submit button. It’s almost seems sort of rare to find a series that so deeply emphasizes the consequences of small actions like pressing a button or how far people can be taken by their emotions. I’m definitely anticipating the next episode. I hope we’ll get to see an OP next week, because I loved the ED and OPs are usually better.

Posted by TL-chan at 1:03 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 4 October 2005
Happy Seven 01
Topic: Happy Seven
A girl with really bad luck named Amano has a strange dream. She’s so un-composed afterwards that when she wakes up, she accidentally breaks her cell phone. Then she winds up in a mysterious alternate world, where a girl with a fan sends monsters to attack her. Luckily a knight and his army of mahou shoujos show up to save her. Then the knight sends her back to her room and uses a magical item to convince her that this was a dream. Amano goes to school the next day, only to discover these seven girls and two others who are a part of their alliance. They’re known as the happy seven and represent a number of clichés. An evil monster is there as well and the girls have to save Amano from it. Then the knight shows up as well and Amano seems to be quite infatuated with him.
Where will the story go from here? Should I even care? I’m not sure what to think about this. It’s largely clichéd, but I honestly didn’t expect any less. It’s amusing though and tremendously cute. At least there’s a plot, which I’d probably understand better if I actually learned Japanese. The thing that’s worrying me most in the moment is the fact that there’s such an enormous cast. Still Mai HiME had a huge cast and clichés and that turned out to be great, so I’ll keep watching for now. If nothing else, at least this is darned cute.

Posted by TL-chan at 12:13 PM EDT
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Sunday, 2 October 2005
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's 01
Topic: Nanoha
The series begins with a girl named Hayate. Suddenly, a book on her shelf starts glowing and speaking in German. Unfortunately, I can’t speak German, nor can I read the Japanese subtitles, so don’t ask me what it said. Anyway, the scene soon changes to Nanoha, who’s training by trying to keep a can in the air. She manages to hit it up 100 times, but can’t score a basket by getting it into the garbage pail. Of course Nanoha has a life besides her training and she’s quite sad that she can’t see all her old friends. Luckilly though, she gets a letter from Fate. Meanwhile, there’s some trouble brewing as the crew of the Ashura discovers the emergence of the lost logia. That’s not all though. Nanoha is attacked by a creepy and psychotic girl named Viita who has a German speaking weapon. *glare* Vitta is exceptionally strong and Nanoha is clearly losing their fight. Desperately, she calls for her friends and regardless of the fact that it’s so very clichéd, Fate and Yuuno arrive just then. Fate begins to fight Viita, wanting to protect her “friend.”
Yes! I’ve been waiting for this series and I’m not at all disappointed. First off, the new OP is amazing. I probably like the song and animation better then the first OP. The new ending theme is alright, but nothing special. I really liked the action is this episode. Viita is a psycho. I can’t believe Nanoha took such a beating. I wonder how well Fate will do in her fight next week. Considering that there’ll be even more enemies arriving though, I’m guessing that she won’t have an easy time. I wonder what’s up with Hayate and her glowing book. I hope to see more of her.

Posted by TL-chan at 6:49 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 2 October 2005 8:00 PM EDT
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