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date: 07.19.03



bored n hungry, goin ta fix ma bg.. lol, more quotes cummin rite up!! ja matta ne!!

blah. 08.35pm<<|>>08.10.03

i dun want dis day ta end.. 4eva, cuss me n ma good friends r like havin sooo much fun. finally a day i can do nefing i want, last nite i slept at like 3am n woke up at 6.30 am dis mornin n played ps2 till 10am. omg.. so fun (ddr was included) n den we went ta church; n 4 once it was pretty ok.. i laffed alot.. lol; i was allowed ta hav milk tea (hot) later at lunch even though i hav camp 2morra; .. n.n; den we went ta markville ta shop!!! n_________________n`"` omfg.... ma oda good friend (ruby) ..is pissed.. u.u fuk.. i dun like dis.. ja, g2g help ma friend.. rite later

amused 10.14pm<<|>>08.08.03

meep.. i told de guy i like at dis mandarin camp i really like him in cantonese.. (he`s mandarin) n he understood!! wow.. smart guy..!!.. haha.. *looks shy* well.. i really like him.. *pouts* im scared too.. u.u *BIG pout* owelz.. g2g now ppl, so ja!

amused 10.28pm<<|>>07.23.03

hhahahahahahaahhaha.. omg.. ma bro almost lock de car key in de car.. LMAO!!!(yesturday) n.n`"` owelz... i hate dat fuken mandarin/cookin teacher.. fuker.. y cant dat bitch just go fuk herself with a stick n call it a day?? god.. look bitch, u never broke ure ankles did u? did u??? dats wha i thought. if u do dat to me again, ure apeshit. once im done talkin, u`ll be like shit outta luck. cuss u fuken suk at english n i bet u wun no wha `ignorant` means. o, if u look it up in da dictionary, u`ll c a pic of u beside it. dats how stupid u r. if u live in canada, learn de fuken nation`s lanuage u stupid fuker. faggot..u fuken wanna be, tryin to be like us kids, all cool n shit, but ure not; den u try ta be nice, but ure not cuss ure too ugly to be nice; den ure pissed, o wtf is wrong with u? r uso blind not to see a child`s feelin`s hurt? n u dun hav ta yell at lil gillian. she mite be 9, but she`s still young n native. she`s not me, i`ve seen worst. i dun care if u c me cryin, cuss when u do, u`ll be dead b4 u even say 1 word. fuker, i no how ta make fuken mini-pizza`s. jeez, give a baby de ingrediants n he/she would no how ta make it. STUPID. *breathes* u should go get a life u weak onna dat looks like a old, saggy prost. go catch HIV n AIDS n do us a favor n die. *coughcough* im fine now... lol.. no, im not pissed. i just wanted sumwhere ta rant off to.. haha.. n.~ u c how fluent i am in english? lol.. jkin! soo.. im goin ta read more gw fanfics.. n.n ja matta ne

amused 09.21pm<<|>>07.21.03

muwahhahahahahahahah.. O.o`"` o~k.. im just plain high.. haha.. owelz.. no new updates, im just bored.. u.u`"` uno wha i luv? gwaddiction.com .. n.~`"` not for KIDS under 15.. lol.. get me? owelz.. dun go dere unless ure a really big fan of gw n dun mind dem havin.. `it` *coughcough* u.u`"` im not sayin im perverted.. well.. in sum ways.. O.o`"` cant sumone enjoy a very good piece of writin? n besides, after readin so much stuff, ma english grammer n stuff r so much better.. =P n dat brings up ma marks.. n___n .. SO SUE ME

amused 08.49pm<<|>>07.20.03

heyhey, i got ma gee fixed!! muwhahahhahaha.. so sign it all u want.. i hav ta go do ma hw now, so ja matta ne!

pissed 11.40pm<<|>>07.19.03

dis suxz.. i just finished ma job profil fingy (fake of course) n dey didnt fix ma gee!!! omg.. jeez.. dis sux like hell!!! owelz.. im workin on de oda gee.. lol. dun worry. ja

blah. 10.34pm<<|>>07.19.03

ok.. WTH?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? sumone hacked into ma account n i didnt notice??? FUK!! owelz.. WHO DE HELL IS IT?!?!?! besides, Heero n Duo r on MY side. MY!!!!no~ not yours.. n___n n i HATE relena.. even if she has `royal` blood.. n.~ i still hav quatre on ma side, n he has a spaceheart.. keke.. so screw u!!!! hmm.. owelz.. O.o`"` ja..

amused 10.21pm<<|>>07.19.03

yumm... greentea icecream.. n greentea.. haha.. understand y i chose mizz greentea? lol.. well.. new updates.. new bakground.. lol.. hmm.. nuffinelse i guess. im tryin to find pics of feathers so i can do dis kewl html.. (im still not sure of it.. haha) owelz. nuffin else dan dat. N ma gee (guestbook) is still messed.. dunno how ta fix it.. lol.. soo, im goin ta make dis new guestbook n u guys can sign dat.. n wtf just happened ta ma screen????? i just ... just.. turned off by itself.. WTF??????? owelz.. soo.. ja ne? lol

amused 6.28pm<<|>>07.19.03

i hav ta leave soon to eat jap. food.. n.n owelz.. newupdates.. i`ll tell u later if u dun notice.. lol.. ja ne

amused 8.50pm<<|>>06.18.03

hey Tina! i just hacked into your account. ya know..Sandy isn`t ta happy about you still keeping that `thing` on this page of yours.. so i just kinda deleted it for you. =P sue me.. haha. you`ll have ta get through Heero (and maybe Relena >=P) first!! Shinigami lives!!

blah. 1.36pm<<|>>06.01.03

omg.. soo bored... jeez.. im so bored im play neopets! argh... haha.. at least dere`s always sum hw n oda stuff i can do.. but den im not on ma pc.. argh.. o welz.. haha.. damn.. bored.. dun wanna change de song on ma pg.. sounds good!! hmm.. maybe i should change it ta heaven (candle light ver.) haha.. so bored.. hm.. did i tell u i was bored? haha.. ya i did, like 5 times.. o welz.. hmm.. ja?

pissed 12.33pm<<|>>05.27.03

argh!!! do u no i hate you very much geo?? haha.. damn.. im wastin time eatin my lunch!! argh.. fuk..jeez.. help?haha...how can anyone make me eat my lunch faster? haha.. no.. it would be more like help me eat my lunch.. LOL.. owelz.. i g2g finish it.. den go ta ma fricken gay skewl.. jeez.. haha.. thnx cindy 4 makin my day yesturday! (ps. we both got headaches.. dats y.. n.n";;) haha.. ja! i hav ta finish up quickly!! ja!!

amused 02.06pm<<|>>??.??.??

LOL.. i finally found a chocolate dat doesnt makeme go hyper..lol.. i finally no who has a twin bro from our skewl! but his bro doesnt go ta our skewl.. o welz.. im bored.. dun wanna do ma hw.. gah! I HATE U!!! (to no one) lol... hmm... w/e.. gah.. goin ta die from boredom if i dun go anywhere soon! maybe i could go rollarbladin 4 a while.. hmm.. maybe ... ttyl ppl! ja matta ne!

LOL.. im a telekinetic in training! YA!! kekeke.. me wanna beat up ma bro after ma training.. (in my dreams) LOL.. yup! in ma dreams im beating my brother up! muwahahahaha! o welz... kekeke.. nagi-kun is soooooooooooooooooo kawaii! n.~ haha.. ja matta ne!

You are Tidus. Wo0t.

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n.n`"` im tidus!!! muwahahhhahah! he`s kute though.. n.~ if i just dye my hair n get blue contacts i`ll kinda look like him... `cept he`s XY n im XX .. >.

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