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Mech Related:
 - Gundam Official: THE Official Gundam Site.
 - Fantoysia: Gundam model site. Extremely thorough.
 - The World-Wide Gundam Informational Network: Really, this site has everything mech related to gundam. If you're trying to research a certain mech, here you go!
 - Gundam Plus: All my images in my gallery are from this Gundam-extensive site. I will take NO credit for these pictures. 100% of them in the gallery are theirs... No questions asked. Go here for more!
 - AnimeMecha: A division of Anaheim Electronics. Very good site.
 - Gundam - Italian Style: Or at least that's what I call it. Its a completely Italian site, but great archives.
 - Gundam Archive: Well, not really an archive. If you can read Japanese, it has custom Google searches built in, making it an extremely powerful tool.
 - Gunota Headlines: I'm sure you've heard of this Gundam News site. An informative blog.
 - Gundam Naval Museum: A Gundam site dedicated to the Universal Century ships. One in a million.
 - Gundam Watch: The Graphics archive is only the tip of the iceberg here. Wonderful information, and a huge message board.
 - Library of Londenion: Home of THE Gundam Bible. Has extensive archives. This site has what you want.
 - Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System: A handy resource dedicated to MSG.
 - System GTA TOP: Jaw dropping custom art lines. Just go and see!
 - The GWG: This is a Gundam site that is in the process of affiliation. Great layout and information.
 - Ultimate Mark Gundam: I don't know how this guy does it, but this site is in-depth, complete and Universal Century. Obscure facts can be found here.
 - WIND FALL HP: Great art lines.
Has a good, clean style.
 - 08MS: Another good Japanese site, chock full of 08MS team.

Non-Mech Related:
- The Sonic World: This site single-handedly started my site building days. A million thanks to this great    Sonic site...I owe it all to Tailsfanatic and Knuxman.
- Solid Snake Designs: If you're looking for anything for your website, check here. It has templates, banners, color schemes, and more. I got my color scheme from there!

 - Gears Online
: Gears was my first affiliate, the webmaster is a great guy, and his site has load of information on other Gundam series, as well as other mech shows.

 - Gundam Destroyer: Not what you would call "content heavy," much like my site, but its still a site of great quality.

 - the darkness echo
 - The Darkness Echo
: This site is a large RPG game. Over 3,000 hits, and growing daily! I'm currently signed up for the RPG, as Ain Miyamoto. Quite a fun place to go.

 - Knowlton's World: This is a place of many things. All of Knowlton's hobbies are on his site, as well as some hard-to-find mecha information.

 - Gundam Net: Well, what can I say. This place has cool Gundam stuff from Gundam TI-83+ games to the run-of-the-mill series Character biographies. A nice, balanced mix.

 - Meteor: This site is a high-quality shrine to Kira Yamato, with a wonderful variety of scanned images.

 - Yzak.nu: Another shrine site, only with a strong dedication to Yzak Jule. This site has all around info, and a very big scan library. I hope to make one this big sometime.

 - Seed Mode On: This is a great outside-the-box Gundam SEED site. It has stuff from Tarot cards to a wallpaper library. Seed Mode On is a very high quality site.


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In order to affiliate with Mech Infinity you must:

1) Have a website of some sort related to Mecha.

2) Your site must not have any pornography, yaoi, yuri, lemon, hentai, or otherwise.

3) Submit an e-mail to me (Altron) with the subject being 'Affiliation.' This e-mail must have info on why
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4) No hit requirement.

5) Must be nice and relatively enjoyable to work with.

6) Your website must have a certain 'caliber' to it. It doesn't have to be content heavy, but good-looking. If it is not-so-good looking, but content laden, I'm sure I can make an exception.

7) Your site must still be alive. If it is not, I will cut you from the list of affiliates.