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The Story

In the A.C. era massive space colonies fill space in five seperate clusters.The Earth's surface was engulfed in civil war.The colonies were a safe place for settlers.After the war a group was formed to keep peace by arms.They were called the United Earth Sphere Alliance.They quickly took control of the colonies.They put the colonies under martial law.The colonists elected Heero Yuy to lead the colonies by spreading the word of peace without arms.The people of Earth admired him for some time but then in the year A.C. 175 he was assasinated.After that all hope for the colonies seemed lost.Behind the scenes, the Alliance is being manipulated by the Romefeller Foundation, the powerful industrial combine that develops and manufactures its mobile suits.The alliance's "specials" force was trained by Romefellar.The specials were nothing but a start for the organization known as Oz(Organization of the Zodiac).After two decades of oppresion in the year A.C.195 rebels in the colonies decided to strike back against us.They would use five special mobile suits known as Gundams.The operation was codenamed "Meteor" because when they send the gundams to Earth they plan to disquise them as shooting stars.They leave this task to five specially trained pilots.Of the five Gundam pilots, the L5 colony cluster's Chang Wufei, L4's Quatre Raberba Winner, L3's Trowa Barton and L2's Duo Maxwell reach Earth without incident. But L1's Gundam pilot, a grim youth codenamed Heero Yuy after the martyred colonial leader, is intercepted by Specials ace pilot Zechs Merquise and forced to temporarily ditch his Gundam at sea. Staggering ashore, Heero encounters Relena Darlian, daughter of the Alliance's foreign minister. Heero promises to kill her to conceal his identity, but it soon becomes clear he can't bring himself to carry out the threat.They must find each other and work together to stop the evil yet to come.