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The year is after colony 195, The Earth has advanced its resources and technology, and now people of Earth are living out in orbiting colonies and have been doing so for nearly two hundred years. Until recently, ruling over these five separate environments had been the task of The Earth Sphere Alliance. The Alliance wanted military dictatorship over the whole Sphere.

Now, within the colonies were hidden rebel groups, who hated the Earth Sphere Alliance and its affiliates, namely the aristocratic organization, Oz. Teamed with the five of the most scientific brains in the existing human race, they sought to build machines made from the highly resistant and strong metal, called Gundanium alloy.

Each “Gundam” was made independently and secretly, and each given a pilot who had been groomed for the post. These were no ordinary pilots. Five fifteen years olds were chosen, by each of the scientists on board each of the five colonies. Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre Raberba Winner and Chang Wufei. Their suits were disguised as shooting stars, and were directed at Earth. The Alliance caught onto this, but were at lengths to be able to do anything stop the destructive Gundams and their pilots.

Now, the organization Oz, run by the Romafella foundation, took matters into their own hands, and over threw the Alliance, becoming the only military force.

This story takes place only months after the Coup d’etat, but it differs from the story line of The Gundam Wing series, as the pilots stay on earth instead of returning to space. What would have happened to them? Where would they have gone? Would they have survived?

We follow the emotional and traumatic experience of Chang Wufei the Shenlong Gundam pilot, as he battles against his past and adopted ideals. Can a spirited angel be a saviour to his tortured soul? Will the oppressive force which seems to follow her, stop them?