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Welcome to Gamma Gundam Wing web page! Its been long time since I first started my web page way back at March 12th 2001 and the people who knew about back then were my family and a few of my friends. Now look it now. So thanks for everyone who helped me for making this site what it is! Like the good folks at Angelfire who let me build this website for free, "The Gundam Wing Open Directory" (which doesn't seem to be working at the moment since I last checked) who made a link to my site because it was good enough for the directory, the people who sent me images, gif's and questions for my very popluar "Gamma Gundam Wing Adventure Quiz" and of course everyone whose visited my site who've got loads of hits for my site. Thanks a lot everyone! I reckon you're thinking why is it called Gamma for a long long time anyway. So I'm writing a story on it which is something to look forward too but. But it won't beat this website though. Till then enjoy!

Trowa Z .

By the way whenever you're on my site, the Sega Dreamcast is always Alive and Kicking Ass!

LEGAL NOTICE. IMPORTANT. This is not the offical gundam wing site and is a fan site.

Thank you for visting my Gundam Wing web page. Please come again! Please visit the links!