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Guess what? This shrine contains ai shounen and yaoi. That means it has guys that are in love with other guys and guys who have sex with other guys. Mainly this will be 3x4/4x3 (Trowa and Quatre together) though I can't promise other pairs won't pop up in stories. So if you have a problem with that feel free to flame me. I will laugh at your lack of intelligence, and it won't accomplish anything, but feel free to anyway. If you like ai shounen but not yaoi, don't worry, everything will be rated to prevent any shocking surprises.

There will be an update on Christmas Eve, sorry for this taking so long

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Welcome to Phantom. My main purpose to to idolize the love between these two adorable bishonen and entertain myself and others. You'll find a lot of humor here, I hope. I like comedy, and I hope you do too. Love is a funny thing.You might want to read the Guidelines before you submit anything. On to the fun stuff!

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