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What do you get when you put one part dog demon one part human and mix them together?? A really hot super strong half-demon called Inuyasha!!!!! Inuyasha was in love with the priestess Kikyo be for the evil demon Naraku tricked Kikyo into thinking that Inuyasha had betrayed her. She shot him to a tree where he slept for 50 years. Then one day kagome's cat went down to the well and she went looking for him. Then a demon came out of the well and took her through the portal for the first time. Then she meet Inuyasha and the rest is history! Now with a few friends they meet along the way: Miroku (the pervertive Monk), Sango (the demon slayer), Myoga (The flea), Shippo (The orphaned fox demon), and kirara ( Sango's cat demon thingy) they must find all of the shikon shards, before they fall into the hands of evil! Along the way they meet some evil people who make their journey much harder: Kouga (The wolf demon), Sesshomaru (Inuyasha's older pure demon brother), and Naraku (The evil demon who pitted Kikyo and Inuyasha against each other). Cursor by www.Soup-Faerie.Com