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Jessica + Raven's Anime Club ^--^

Important Stuff To Remeber

Anime, Manga and other cool stuff ^-^ Yup Yup!!!

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Our other Anime Site
Raven's Weird Anime 1 Pager (By the name it's obvious it's only one page!)
Cool Wallpapers For Your Computer
Raven's Other 1 Pager
Rurouni Kenshin ^_^
Manga-ka Contest

As you can tell this is our site for our anime club!!!! Yes yes yes!!!! We rule oh yeah anime rules!!!^_^ It's me Jessica!!! I don't know were Raven is!!! I love Inuyasha!!! SIT SIT SIT!!!! SIT BOY!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Inuyasha...Kenshin...anime totally rocks!!!!! <bgsound src="" loop="infinite">
~ K O N I C H I W A ! ~