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Chobits is a manga(comic) created by the most famous CLAMP. I'm reading it myself, but they only have seven here in USA. Chobits is about cybernetic companions called PERSOCOMs who can be male or female and are living computers. They can do anything from pleasure to housework. Hideki Motusuwa a poor farmer boy moves to a city where almost everyone has a persocom. One day he was going home from work thinking "Why can't I have a persocom of my own. Maybe it's because i'm broke!" and found a persocom tied up in the trash. He thought that "One man's trash is another man's treasure!" and lugged the heavy persocom home. The persocom he had brought home didn't remeber anything about her past so Hideki brought Chi(that's what he named her) to Shimbo(a friend) who told him that a 12 year old smart kid new what to tell him. He went there and was told to teach Chi new things. When they get home Hideki's landlady gives him clothes for Chi and I think her husband may have created Chi and Chi's other self? Maybe. You'll have to read all Chobits to find out. (Don't forget to press 'backspace' to go back to the main page! Or you can just push the back button on the top of your computer!)

Hideki Motosuwa

Chi and Her Other Self