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Wiki (pronounced "wee-kee") is a 4 month old female calf. She was born at Marineland Cote D'Azur, in Antibes, France on June 1, 2001. Her mother, Sharkane is a 15 year old Icelantic female, captured in 1989. Her father, Kim, is a 23 year old Icelantic male, captured in 1982. She has 2 siblings, Shouka, an older sister, born in 1993, and Inouk, an older brother, born in 1999. She also has an older half-brother, Valentin, born to her father Kim and an Icelantic female named Freya, in 1996.

Sharkane, Wiki's mother, was assisted during the birth by her 3 year old son, Inouk. This likely happened because Sharkane and Freya, the only other adult female at Marineland, do not get along well. Interestingly enough, Sharkane's daughter, Shouka, did not participate in the birth.

A few weeks after her birth, Wiki was determined to be a female. A month later, she was named. Though many names were considered, Wiki was chosen by using a combination of 2 of the names- Kiwi and Viki.

Since her birth, Wiki has continued to thrive. She and Sharkane shared a large back pool, or lagoon for a while after her birth. They have now been moved into the rest of the pool, and even perform! Wiki does mini-jumps and small behaviors alongside her mom in shows now.