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June 5, 2002: News page updated.

April 9, 2002:: News page updated with Nova's death, and more Russian Orca news.

February 11, 2002:: Okay, I lied on the past update. The photos of Parco Oltermare are *now* up, here. Sorry for the delay!

February 6, 2002:: Wiki at Marineland France is alive! New news on the News page, including info on Six Flags, Russian captures, a new pregnancy, and a new whale for Nagoya, New pictures of Parco Oltermare (Valencia, Spain) on Facilites Planning on Displaying Orcas

January 26, 2002: New pictures of Kyu, Ran, Goro, Stella, Lara, & Oscar on Current Captive Orcas, Status of Wiki at Marineland France unknown.

January 21, 2002: All Orcas who's bios are not up have had the links removed. The Ocas who have a link on there name have a complete bio posted.

January 19, 2002: The site was launched today! Aproxametly 6 months to the day that it was started (June 19, 2001).