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Whale Tales
Please enjoy these wonderful stories. The are listed in order of the date they were recieved, with the newer ones being in the front. The author is listed next to the date. Please respect these people, and do not reprint the stories without authorization.

July 1, 2001 by JoyusOrca
One of the trainers told a heart-warming story about one of the first times Splash had a seizure and when he injured his jaw. He was in one of the side pools with Orkid when he started having the seizure and injured his jaw on a gate. He apparently passed out and sunk to the bottom. Orkid brought him to the surface so that he could breath. She held him until he was able to carry his own weight and swim and breathe on his own. He was still somewhat delirious after the incident, so Orkid stayed with him making sure he didn't bump in to any walls or cause himself any harm.

July 1, 2001 by Alairra
In April, about a week before Bjossa's move to Sea World, I visited the Vancouver Aquarium. Bjossa was doing her slow laps, not paying attention to anything, just swimming along. Whitewings was in the med pool, not locked in there but just opting to be. Every now and then, Bjossa would stop swimming and just hang at the surface. Whitewings, seeing this, would speed out of the med pool, and up to Bjossa. She's swim around her a bit, nudge her, and start swimming. Bjossa would slowly fallowing, and they'd do a lap or two together. Once Bjossa had started moving on her own, Whitewings would go back to the med pool.

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