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Marine Parks
The Taiji Orca capture
The things they don't want you to see

I want to clarify a few things before this page is viewed. It is NOT an attack on Marine Parks. It is here for several reasons. #1 is that I believe people have a right to see every aspect of caring for captive marine mammals. That includes the unpleasant things that marine parks often hide. I understand the reasons they are hid (not wanting people to confuse simple things such as blood samples as abuse) but I don't think they should be kept from people's view. #2 I know photos showing these things are hard to find, and many people would like to see them. I've tried to include as many here as possible that I have and have permission to use. If you'd like to contribute to it, I would appreciate it.



Medical Proceadures



Dead Orcas

Thank you Joy, Tanya Gever, Bass, Adam Johns, Sarah, Ashley Beadling, Sami, and Ashley Phillips for the pictures!!