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Bjossa & Sumar
6-5-02 Winnie Dies

Winnie, the adult female Orca held at Sea World of Texas, died on April 11th, 2002. Winnie, who had a history of medical and mental problems, had lived previously at Windsor Safari Park, Sea World of Florida, and Sea World of Ohio. Her death was caused by debris she ingested during her time at Windsor Safari Park, which caused her to be unable to absord some nutrients from her food. This likely contributed to her small size, as she was one of the smallest mature females captive.

6-5-02 Orphaned Orca To Be Captured

The NMFS has finally decided that an infant Orca swimming alone in Puget Sound will be captured and attempted to be rehabiliated and released. The Orca, known as A-73, Springer, Boo, and Annie, will be captured within the next 2 weeks, then held in a medical pen for her various aliments to be treated. Afterwords, she will be transported to Canada, and attempted to reunite with her pod. The Vancouver Aquarium, who has not had an Orca in their care since April of 2001, will be invovlved in the process. If the process is unsuccessful, the orca will likely be placed in either Six Flags Marine World, or Sea World of California. However, no firm desisions have been made at this time.

6-5-02 Takara Gives Birth!

Takara, the 10 year old captive-born female at Sea World of California, gave birth on May 3, 2002 to a healthy, beautiful calf. Soon after birth, it was detirmined that she was a female. Takara's mother Kasatka, and 8-month old brother Nakai, were present during the birth. The calf has done very well since birth, and has been introduced to all of Sea World of California's other animals. A name will be chosen within the next few months.

6-5-02 More Nagoya News

Reports continue that the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium has successfully brokered a deal to recieve an Orca on "breeding loan" from another Aquarium. While they refuse to make public which Aquarium has agreed to the deal, they have stated that they will be importing the whale once they have recieved Russian Orcas, which they have a contract to recieve within the next few months. Aquariums in Japan, France, and the United States have confirmed talking with Nagoya, but so far, none will say if they have sold a whale to them.

6-5-02 Shouka Arrives in Ohio

Shouka, the 9 year old French female killer whale, arrived at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure this May. She has been placed on public display, though shows will not start for some time. Reportidly, she is healthy, but is showing definate signs of depression. Check back soon for more updates on the situation at Ohio.

6-5-02 Kshamenk Awaiting Final Approval

Though the USA has already given its approval for Kshamenk to be imported to Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, Argentina, his home country, has not yet. It is expected that within the next month, they will grant final approval, and he will be imported within 72 hours of the permit approval. Six Flags currently has staff in Argentina working with him.

6-5-02 Orca Pregnancy Updates

Takara at Sea World of California gave birth on May 3, 2002 to a healthy female calf. Katina at Sea World of Florida is nearing the end of a 17 month gestiation, trainers expect her calf to be born around August, though she's been early before so they will be watching carefully starting around the first of July. Kayla's pregnancy remains unconfirmed. Nootka's pregnancy sadly ended in a miscarriage this Winter. Stella, at Kamogawa Sea World, is being monitored for a possible pregnancy. And finally, Freya, at Marineland France, is reportidly in improving health, and rappidly gaining weight.

4-9-02 Aquarium in Valencia Opens Ahead of Schedual

The new Aquarium being built in Valencia, Spain will apparently open ahead of schedual, the park announced. Instead of a planned opening of early 2003, they now say that they will open in Septemeber of 2002. The Aquarium has plans to display 6 Orcas for breeding and performance purposes. It is expected that about 5 of the Orcas that will be captured in Russia in May or June will be headed to this Aquarium.

4-9-02 Nova's Death Made Public

Nova, the young performing male at Marineland Canada, died last summer. Though Marineland made no secert of the information, it was only recently that his death was made public by Canadian organisation Zoocheck. Nova had been underweight and sickly for some time, but his condition apparently worsend over the 2001 season. In August of 2001, he died, of pnuemonia and a hole in his esophogus, which caused him to starve to death. Since Marineland had already considered selling Nova, it is unlikely that his death will cause the need for an additional animal to be brought in in the immeadate future.

3-14-02 Russia Grants Permit

Russia has offically granted a permit to capture 10 Orcas from their waters, in May of this year. The Orcas, who will be captured by the company "Zoolex", will remain briefly in Russian waters before heading to parks around the world. Previous capture attempts have failed up to this point. However, in August of 2001, four Orcas were successfully captured, but escaped soon afterwords.

3-14-02 Captivity an Option For Young 0rca

A young Orca, abandoned in Washington state, may be captured, according to the National Marine Fisheries Service. The female Orca, who is around a year or two old, has been on her own since at least January of this year. All her close relatives have died, and her physical condition does not appear good. NMFS is considering 2 options, the first being bringing her to Canada to be reunited with her pod, the second being captivity. If captivity is chosen, the Vancouver Aquarium, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Six Flags Marine World, and Sea World of San Diego have all offered to take her. The park who's bid "won" would be responsible for her capture and transport.

2-6-02 Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium Finds New Orca

The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium has stated that they have negoated the sale of one of the current 48 Captive Orcas. Though they had previously enquired about optaining such a whale, they had been unsuccessful. Now however, they have stated that they will be displaying a whale from another Aquarium. So far, no Aquarium has been announced, and no time frame for the whale to arrive. Nagoya also has plans to capture between 2 and 6 whales in Russia.

2-6-01 Marineland Whale Pregnant

Trainers from Marineland France have confirmed that one of there 3 female Killer Whales is pregnant, and due in Septemeber of 2002. Though they have not announced which whale, it has been assumed that Freya, their adult Icelandic female, is the whale expecting. Sharkane, another female, gave birth to a calf in June of 2001. Shouka, Sharkane's 8 year old daughter, is schedualed to leave Marineland in April, and therefore it is assumed that she is not the pregnant whale. However, until it is confirmed by Marineland which whale is pregnant, it is all speculation.

2-6-01 Russia Sets Orca Capture Limits

Russia has set the limit of Orcas to be captured at 5. In Novemeber of 2001, the Goverment reviewed the plans captures and Aquariums had submited, and other matters, and decided that for the time being, they would allow the capture of 5 whales in 2002. Additional permits may be requested. Currently there are 3 known Aquariums that have requested permits for Russian whales, The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, Izu Mito Sea Paradise, and Nanki Shiriama Adventure World.

2-6-01 Six Flags Delays Imports
Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, in Aurora, Ohio, has run into some minor trouble in the importation process of Shouka, a young female, and Kshamenk, an adult male. Due to the volume of mail, both positive and negative on the subject, NMFS has decided to allow a scecond comment period. Though the 90 day period is up, they will extend it another 30 days to give the public more time to comment. They have, however, decided against a hearing that activits had requested. The whales will likely be imported in April or May of this year.

Takara's AI Confirmed
Takara, a 10 year old captive-born Killer Whale, is pregnant through Artificial Insemination. She was inseminated in November of 2000, and is due around April or May of 2002. Takara is the second Killer Whale successfully AI'd, the first was her mother, Kasatka, who gave birth to a healthy male calf in September of 2001. Sea World has plans at this time to AI some of their other females, which will help achieve a higher amount of genetic diversity.

10-31-01 Names for Kasatka's Calf
Sea World has announced the 5 names they are considering for Kasatka's calf. Currently up for public vote at Sea World of California are: Inizio (Italian for "new beginning"), Makai (Hawaiian for "sea world" or "toward the sea"), Nakai (American Indian for "victory"), Shgen-doo (Meaning "high class but humble") and TK (Tillikum, Kasatka). A name will be chosen on January 1, 2002.

10-29-01 Six Flags to Import Whales
Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, in Aurora, Ohio (former Sea World of Ohio) filed permits on Monday to import 2 Killer whales to their park. Shouka, an 8 year old captive born whale from Marineland of France, and Shamenk, an adult male rescued whale from Mundo Marinio, Argentina should be in the park by the Season's opening. They will probably be imported somewhere around the beginning of 2002. Inquires with the NMFS indicate that the permits to import the whales will likely be approved.

10-10-01 Tokitae To Get New Tank
The Miami Seaqarium announced in July of this year its plans to build a much larger facility for its Orca, Tokitae. Permits had been granted, and people hired to build the tank. Mindful of the past promises to build a facility, many people were skeptical of these promises. However, since Miami has cleared the land, hired the experts, and now, broken ground, it seems very promising this time. They've also struck a deal with Kamogawa Sea World, Japan, to import an adult male, Thor, to their park. Thor will be used for performances and breeding.

10-8-01 Bjossa Passed Away
Sea World of California's 24 year old Killer Whale, Bjossa, died this afternoon in an Animal Care pool. Bjossa had been at Sea World since April of this year, but since August had been kept in a back pool due to her rapidly failing health. Prior to that, she had spent over 20 years at the Vancouver Aquarium. She was moved to Sea World to improve her social and physical well-being, as she had been kept in isolation for years at the Aquarium. Early reports from Sea World indicate that Bjossa died of a combination of pneumonia, a ruptured abscess, and stroke.

9-10-01 Keiko to Stay Captive Indefinatly?
Reports from various news sources have announced that plans to rehabilitate Keiko has been permanently halted. These reports have circulated for many months, and have so far carried no truth. This time, however, they contained direct quotes from Ocean Futures itself. Only time, and Ocean Future's own website, will tell which is true.

9-1-01Kasatka Finally Gives Birth!
Kasatka, the 26 year old Killer Whale pregnant through Artificial Insemination, has given birth. Nearly one month overdue, Kasatka went into labor at 7:00 pm. She gave birth at 9:52 pm, head first, in the show pool, with her 10 year old daughter Takara at her side. The calf immediately took its first breath, and began swimming strongly.

8-30-01 Bjossa Not Improving
Sadly, despite an earlier report that Bjossa's health was improving, Sea World has announced that it is no longer doing so. Blood tests that have come back have indicated that the infection that she is suffering from- chronic pneumonia, which killed both of her tank mates in Vancouver, has not improved. Her behavior & energy levels continue to improve, however, and that alone is a good sign.

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