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Fun Facts
Keet & Splash
Corky has been captive longer than any other Orca in the world.

Lolita is the oldest known captive Orca.

Orky 2, Winston, Sandy, & Tai-Chan are among the Orcas to have reached their natural life-span in captivity.

Sandy, Miracle, Ksharmenk, & Belen were not captured, they were rescued after stranding/injury.

The first fatal accident invovling captive Orcas occured in 1990, at Sealand, in Victoria BC.

The only other fatal accident involved one of the whales in the first accident, and occured at SWF in 1999. However, the Orca involved did not cause the death.

Sea World has been using the stage name "Shamu" for 30 years.

Sea World owns 46% of the Orcas currently held captive.

Sea World of California has exhibited Orcas longer than any other Marine Park currently exhibiting Orcas- since 1965.

Marineland of France has the largest whale tank in the World, holding a total of 11 million gallons of water.

The Miami Seaqarium has the smallest whale tank in the World, being a mere 70 feet long and 80 feet wide.

Japan & Russia are the only countries that currently capture Orcas.

Corky has been pregnant more than any other Orca in captivity, a total of 7 times.

Bonnie & Kianu were the first Orcas to be pregnant in captivity.

Corky was the first Orca to give birth to a live calf in captivity.

Katina was the first Orca who's calf survived in captivity. That calf, Kalina, is surviving today.

Keet was the first second-generation captive birth.

Keet, Keto, Sumar, Tuar, & Tekoa are all second-generation captive births.

Kasatka was the first Orca to give birth after an artifical insemination.