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Can I use your pictures on my website?
You need to email me and ask first. The pictures on this website came from a variety of sources, so whether or not they can be used on other websites depends on where they came from.

Can I use your information on my website?
Sure. I'd like to know were the info is going, but I don't mind. That is, unless you copy it word for word.
Do you have a picture of ______ at _____?
If you are looking for a photo of a particular animal, or an animal at a specific facility, and can't find it on this site, send me an email! I may still have a photo like that. Another tip is, at the bottom of a whale's page, there may be a link "For pictures of ______ at ______, click here". Be sure to check the whale's page to be sure there isn't such a link!
Do you know who this whale is?
I'd be happy to take a look at any picture you are having trouble identifying. Just send it to me as a *jpg, *gif, or *art file. Looking at Orca-ID pics happens to be one of my favorite hobbies!
Do you know how big _______ is?
That information is found on the "Misc" page under "Sizes"
I'm going to Sea World soon, do they let you pet the Orcas?
No. Well, not really. If you are selected to do the "Meet The Audience" part of the show, or feel like paying $350.00 to do "Trainer For A Day" you can. But for regular guests, the answer is no. The only Marine Parks that I am aware of that allow you to touch the Orcas are Marineland, in Toronto, Canada and the Taiji Whaling Museum, in Japan.
How come you don't have pictures of ____ on your site?
If there are no pictures of a whale on this site, I either don't have any of that whale, or don't have permission to use the ones I have of him/her.
Can I send you my pics?
Yes!! I always love to see new pics. Weather or not I use them on this website depends on several things. Please let me know if the pictures you are sending are copyrighted.
Isn't that music on Nyar's page from Buffy?
Yes, it is. Its a 40 second excerpt of a piece of music called "Slayer's Elegy" by Christophe Beck. It was used at the end of an episode titled "The Wish" (Season 3, Episode 9).
How is Keiko doing?
For information on Keiko's progress, I suggest you try Ocean Futures or the Keiko Info Club