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Singers and Cantate'

I can't, I have rehearsal!

soprano women rehearsing

Max at work with the Cantate' men in my classroom at J.F.K.

Just Hangin' Out

from l to r: Lori, Tiff, Lee, Me, Crystal, and Eim after Aussie Tour rehearsal at JFK High (June 28, 2001)

the gang at Karl's place during our Aussie victory party

a bon voyage party at Tiff's place for Ms. Lutter

cantate' at the Hilton Harmony Fair 2001

Gem, me, and Cheryl at the Renaissance Affair

Singers' Finale Concert

Cantate' Australia

Cantate' Women showing off thier shoes underneath their formal wear in FA127

Cantate' Australia in the Fine Arts Theater with their Cabaret pose

here are some of the singers preparing for our Finale' Concert and posing for the wrong camera

Opera Workshop Performance

Cantate' rehearsing

the girls take a break from the Brahms Requiem at St. Johns

intermission during a december concert

Singers at Skinner Plaza during Christmas 2000

the singers gang at Skinner Plaza