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Karl-Marc Simmons Sablan

On this page, you'll see pics of Marc, his family, and friends.

This is Marc. He's currently 27yrs old, but will be another year older, oops-wiser on November 15. He's a very talented Musician, a MAD sax player, he teaches Band at Oceanview Middle School, and he's also a very loving boyfriend.

College Night at The Globe

Here's pic of Marc and I taken at The Globe. Cantate' threw a "College Night" fundraiser for their Australia Tour.

OHS High School Reunion

Here's a pic of us at Hyatt Regency Hotel. We attended his Class of '91 High School Reunion.

a studio pic we took last year


yet another pic we stopped to pose for after having dinner at the Holiday Inn


This was taken at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii during our vacation there last April.

Aloha Towers, Hawaii

Here's a pic of Marc, myself, and his sister Erika. We were having dinner at Don Ho's in Aloha Towers.

Mr. and Mrs. Sablan

Here's another pic taken at PCC, Hawaii of Marc's mom and dad.

University Jazz Band

Here's Marc on the far left and some members of the University Jazz Band at one of their gigs. Included in the picture is Mayu, Ruddy, Jacob, Jason, Buj, John, Mr. Moyer, Rich, and John N. on the far right.

Guam Territorial Band

Marc also plays for the Territorial Band. He's been a member for quite some time. There he is on the far right.

Mr. Sablan

Here, you are looking at Marc hard at work. This was his advance band performing at Palace Hotel during the 8th grade Promotional Excercise.


Here's Marc once again playing with members of "That Girl" at Casa. They play a lot of Dave Matthews Band hits, and other alternative selections as well.

The Boys

This was taken at Gameworks on Marc's 27th B-day. From the far left is Marc, Arnie, Jacob, Tom, and Peter.

Le Cre'ole

Here are some of Marc's most dear friends. From the left is Kurtis, Jacob (who is also his room mate), and Jojuana.

Marc and Erika's boyfriend Greg

This is Marc's room mate and dear friend Jacob.