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Combined Intermediate/Advance Chorus 4th Period

The Choir at Work

and not at work...

The Gals of the Choir

The Sopranos

From left to right: (front row) Sara Tanh, Beverly Carganilla, Sherrene Arceo, Denise Borja, Shelly Santos (back row) Keko Paulino, Jonah Ayungac, Kacy Frianeza, Glaiza Montemayor, Patricia Rodriguez (not shown) Rhea Amistad

A Closer Look at the Sopranos

The Altos

From left to right: Melanie Dolores, Rose Serquina, Paula Rodriguez, Monique Dejesa, Laura Taisacan, Karissa Bamba, Laura Nelson, Hanna Sarmiento, Helen Ramos, Tricia Coffiel,Crystal Restuvog

More of the Altos

The Guys of the Choir

The Tenors

From left to right: John Gubatan, Augusto Anselmo, John Macapagal, Jermaine Quichocho, Thom Fortuno, Owen Reyes

A Closer Look at the Tenors

The Basses Hangin' Out

From left to right: Shawn Reyes, Alfred Sevillo, Chris Mercado, Jorge Noble, David Woodrome, Christian Dominguez