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More of Friends

This was an old pic taken from one of my birthdays. We celebrated this one at TJ's. This includes Joey, Carlene, Pres, Bren, Trini, myself, Julie Espanol, Norm, and Cat Mafnas.

me, Bren, and Scott Wenger

Eimee and her boyfriend Bert Delgado

Pres, my god-daughter Cristianna, and her husband Cris

Pres and her sisters, Phelia, Pauline, and Pam

Norma Ignacio, her son Brandon, and Eric

Norma Ignacio and Brandon

Norma and BJ in Japan

Norma Ignacio and Eric Yoshita

Joanna Sablan in Hawaii

another pic of Joanna Sablan

Joanna's son Alexander...isn't he adorable?

Marc and Lee at The Globe during Cantate's College Night

me and Cheryl at "College Night" (I think that's Karl's finger on the right)

Marc, myself, Joey, Jo, and Pres at Fridays

Dinner at Fuji with friends after a gig (me, Jim, Eim, Bert, Ria, Karl, Arnold, Cheryl, and Pat

Crystal Hendricks and her boyfriend Doug

Teresa Catahay and I at

Anisha Joseph and I