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My Friends

God has blessed me with these...

Cathy Sison, Mindy Brunson, Myself, and Trini

more pics of us

Here we are at Southern High. They came to see me perform in the Opera, La Boheme'

my Best Friend Trini and her fiance' Davin Duenas

Trini and Davin

trin and dave hanging out

More of Trini and Davin, including myself and Cat

Eimee Garcia and I at Gameworks

the OGs, Lisa Concepcion, Myself, Lori Mendez, and Eim at my baccalaureate mass

Lor, me, Lee, and Eim and Gameworks

Mindy Brunson and I at TGIF on my birthday last year

Brenda Conlu, Joan Andres, and me at Fridays

Joanne Lujan, me, and Priscilla Pacificar at TGIF

Joey Gumabon, me, Ken Rosete, and Jude Quijano at Gameworks

Cheryl Adriano and me at her work in the mall

myself, Ruddy Estoy and Eim hanging out at the Fine Arts Bldg. after Opera Workshop performance

Eric Arroyo, Maggie Huang, and me at Casa

Claire Naputi and me at Gameworks

Carlene Cabrera, Rich and kids (Castine and Daven) in Washington

Mike Kilayko and I at the fine arts hall

Sherry Bawar, me, Jovan, and Jonathan Aguilo

see more pics of friends