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The Music Festival Continues

Meanwhile, Cantate' roam the streets of Sydney...


This was our tour guide Kris. Here she is hard at work as she takes us through a tour of Sydney.

In case you haven't noticed, we didn't quite move yet between the past three pictures. We're still standing in the same area. We were just fascinated with the architecture of this boarding school behind us.

Here is Karl and Mike at what I'll call "Suicide Point." Hey, all I remembered was that people have successfully jumped off this cliff.

Jim, Gemma, myself, and Mike still at the same spot

Doug, Crystal, Mae Mae, and myself...nope we still haven't left yet...

Bondi Beach

Here we are at a cafe' in Bondi Beach.

Mr. President...Jimmy Santos

Lori, Mike and myself, (incase you couldn't see us), taking advantage of another photo opp

These are the crazy people (Vanessa, Lauron, Jon, and Kevin) who eat ice cream during cold weather.

The following include pics from a Cruise we took and our view of Sydney from the Amp Tower.

Tiff, Mike, and Myself on the cruise, and getting closer and closer to the Sydney Opera House

That thin, weird looking building in the center of the pic is the Amp Tower. We are on our way there to look at all of Sydney from about 1000+ ft. off the ground.

a closer look at the amp tower

Here we are inside the amp tower.

Karl and I take a moment to pose for the camera.

the amp tower view

A sneak preview of what you'll see more pics of next...

a shot of the Sydney Opera House from the cruise

here it is again, isn't it beautiful?

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