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How Addicted to Outwar Are You?

1.) How often do you spam?:

A few times a week.
Hardly ever.
Outwar doesn't allow spamming!

2.) During the downtime in round 3, about how often did you check to see if it was back up?:

A couple times a day.
There was downtime?
Once or twice.

3.) How important is your crew to you?:

How do I join a crew?
You fuck with me or my crew, I'll own you so bad you'll never get back on your feet.
"don't attack me!!!1!1! allies: mos, manetheren, kap!s, bobbarker..etc"
I don't know if i'm even in my crew anymore, let me go check.

4.) What's the main reason you bought/would buy a gold account?:

I don't want gold, it's a waste of 5 bucks.
To buy tanks and nano's and shit. I 0wnz0r j00!
For the $10,000 and the 10 thugs! definately!!
Someone kicked my ass so I needed the extra attack turns

5.) How do you feel about attacking people in the same class as you? [ex: monster vs. monster]:

I kick everyone's ass no matter what class they are. It all comes with being the best.
I think it's wrong!! And I agree with the guy that said all monsters and gangsters should gang up on the popstars!!
They all give out money don't they? Well there's your answer.
I don't care, it's just a game.

6.) What would you do with your free time if Outwar went down permanantly?:

Find some other hobby... it's just a stupid game afterall.
First i'd get my 5 bucks back. Then i'd find the asshole that made it shut down, and shut HIM down...
Outwar can't shut down! Not yet! I just started my charactor!
Stress out for a couple of days but eventually forget about Outwar and play Kings of Chaos instead.