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March 5, 03
well, i just got a new monitor, soooo i just now realized how horrible this layout looks on anything other than 800 by 600..
i WOULD put up the one i just made a a few days ago, but it was made for 800 by 600 too.. i mean.. it's bad.. lol
so i guess i'll be making a new layout.. what, i don't know.. but i guess i'll have to think of something.
i may be holding a contest pretty soon.. if i do, i'm going to make a good base [lol GOOD!!1!] and it's going to be a base edit.

March 4, 03
2 new dolls, hover for base credit:
base by burrito mafia base by bondchick

happy mardi gras everyone.. heh... i only care cause we had a litle wanna-be party in french 3

hmm.. okay, so i'm not closing the site... it's still just a waste of space, but it's a waste of space that keeps me occupied. o.O

March 2, 03
6 new dolls, hover for base credit:
base by av squad base by av squad base by dolls by a webpixie.. or something to that extent base by miniature reality base by pixel monkey base by stars pixel dust

I made a new layout [click here if you want to see it.. cause i may or may not use it]

2 contests ended, i placed 3rd in one.. so i have an award from Laurel that I need to put up.

i have a feeling that since Amara still didnt' add me back as a sister, she doesn't want me as one.. this isn't cool at all.... ehh.. as things are going now, i just may close the site for good.. nobody visits it, and those who do don't use the bases, don't sign the book, and don't adopt anything.. sooo it's pointless.. and it's just a waste of space.

February 25, 03
new doll:

base by: me.. =]

also, i added another base in 2 skin tones, i'm not sure if i'm going to make another pose or not.. i guess it all depends on if anyone actually uses the ones i did make =/ .. anyway.. check out the bases page to see/use it.