November 16, 02
added 2 pages to the on-goth girl section.
added 3 pages to the prep-ish.. thug-ish (or what have you) girl section..

--> currently working on changing file names on my harddrive to get a few more guy pages up.

HOLY HELL! i just found the sweetest base ever at miniature reality. Dude.. i can sooo make an inu-yasha av with this base.. it'll probably take me FOREVER, and i might have to alter it a tad, but i don't care how long it takes.. i'm making it.. and then.. maybe i'll start a new layout.. that's based around it.. but i don't know.. i'm like.. lazy. so uhh.. no promises...

i want to hold a contest..

later that day.. hah
okay, so apparently it didn't take as long as i'd thought it would have.

base by: miniature reality
November 12, 02
hmm, well... my only sister deleted me. bah.
i could care less about promotional crap.. if i wanted that i'd have 84903289043 sisters.. but i don't.. i had 1.. so i'm not an e-mail person.. if people want to talk to me i'm ALWAYS on aim.. and sometimes on msn. it's not hard to get in contact with me at all.. -sigh-..
i suppose this should be some sort of motivation to get some more updates done..

alright.. before i leave for new york, i plan to get a few more pages of the onchat-type avs up.. gah.. ever since they went pay, that sites had shit for avs.. not that the stuff i'm putting up is any better.. it's all outdated by now, but hey, some people like it.. that's all that matters.
after i get some of that stuff up, i'll probably update my links pages and all that fun stuff, since over half are all dead links.
then, i'll draw a couple more avs/dolls.. possibly start my new layout like i wanted to a while ago..
i doubt i change the layout just yet though.. this site needs a LOT of work.. i basically have to re-do the entire thing... i STILL have contest entries up from like.. february... because the people running those sites left them during a contest.. and i never got around to taking stuff down -shrugs- but i'm not exactly one to talk about leaving sites now am i?
ANYWAY, i'm going to change some stuff... end.
November 11, 02
or maybe i'll go on a hiatus that lasts a few months and come back pretending like i did something.

--> updated what the links said.. i changed 'goth' to ongoth.. considdering that's what it is.. onchat "goths" baahhh..

two (2) pages added to the girlie ON-goth section.. and i added more avs to my directory... they need to be sorted onto pages, but i'm rather busy today.. i just felt i needed some kind of update...
that's all.